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How Intelligent Lockers Improve Mailroom Management

by Kevin King on October 3, 2018

Most employees don’t receive nearly as much “snail mail” as they used to—at least, not enough to justify their own mailbox.

But when someone takes the time to send them a package, it’s usually important. It could be a critical piece of equipment, contracts with sensitive information or a top-secret catalog of the latest fall fashions.

Employees aren’t always at their desks or even in the office when mail deliveries arrive. Leaving a package sitting on their desk for days or stashing it behind the front desk isn’t very secure. Even if you have a corporate mailroom, managing deliveries can be hectic, considering the average mailroom receives 500 to 1,000 packages each day, according to Ricoh.

Now there’s new technology that makes mailroom management more efficient while improving mailroom security: intelligent lockers.

What Are Intelligent Lockers?

Intelligent lockers are scalable, customizable electronic locker systems that keep packages secure without requiring every employee to have their own mailbox. The TZ SMArt Locker is a type of intelligent locker system that gives Integration with TZ SMArt Locker technology is available through iOFFICE’s partnership with Ricoh. When this technology is used, packages are registered in iOFFICE’s mailroom management software first.

Then they are assigned a locker and a release code.

Once the package is secured in the locker, the recipient receives an email alert that provides them with the pickup location and release code. Recipients can then collect packages at their convenience.

After a recipient picks up a package, the package is immediately marked as delivered in iOFFICE’s mailroom management software.

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Benefits of Intelligent Lockers

In addition to making mail delivery faster and more convenient, smart lockers improve mailroom security. Packages are securely stored and accessible only to someone with the passcode, which greatly reduces the chances of lost or stolen mail.

Intelligent lockers eliminate the need for every employee to have his or her own mailbox, which saves considerable space while reducing your environmental footprint.

It’s also an ideal solution for shared workspaces. Intelligent lockers can be reserved, assigned and reassigned as needed, even as contractors or remote workers come and go.

Intelligent lockers are the future of mailroom management. Right now, this technology is available only through our partnership with with Ricoh. To learn more about the cost of intelligent lockers and how to implement them, contact your account manager.

Capterra Ratings: ★★★★★ 4.5/5

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