Meet Team iOffice: Jessica Rodriguez

by Tiffany Bloodworth Rivers on February 18, 2014

As you know, this Winter Olympics has been one of the most competitive yet. With the United States barely trailing Russia for medal count, our athletes have proved they can keep up with the best competitors from winter Olympics champion countries like Norway and Russia. At iOffice, we train our employees to stay ahead of everything going on in the FM industry to keep our team competitive as well. Meet another of our hard-working members, Jessica Rodriguez. 

Jessica-Rodriguez iOffice Employee

When did you join iOffice?

August of 2007

How did you get here?

I replied to a job listing for a Crystal Report Writer (I think I am one of the few employees who didn’t know anyone before they were hired).

What interests you most about technology?

Watching how much technology is involved with everything we do on a daily basis and how we would be lost without it.

What scares you most about technology?

The fact that it is always changing and having to keep up with the those changes. 

What activities does your work day typically involve?

I support our Customer Service Representatives, I write reports for customers and work with our software developers on projects.

What are your hobbies outside iOffice?

My hobbies include traveling (favorite destination is Vegas), doing projects around my new house and helping other people organize their homes.

There is no better recruiting tool than winning – just like the USA team attracted top athletes after its previous Olympic success, iOffice has had an influx of incredible talent from all of our positive press.  Within the next few days you’ll meet some of our brand new talent.


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