Millennials and the Future of Facilities Management

by Kaitlan Whitteberry on November 18, 2016

If you joined us for IFMA’s World Workplace in San Diego this past October, you may remember the name Jake Gunnoe, one of the keynote speakers during the event. Gunnoe had some pretty powerful things to say during his hit speech, and his thoughts on the future of the industry from the view of a Millennial definitely got the entire conference buzzing. Mike Petrusky, head of Kayrell Connections recently interviewed Gunnoe on his popular podcast, to ask about his experience and to further dive into his perspective on the future of the workplace. 

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Millennials and the Future of Facilities Management | Insights from Jake Gunnoe

hosted by: Mike Petrusky with Kayrell Connections 30038004032_87afaad0c1_k 2.jpg

Just one class with IFMA member, Dr. Dean Kashiwagi, made engineering student, Gunnoe, reevaluate his path. He realized he was more passionate about the workplace and the value of the facilities management industry than engineering.

Now a doctorate candidate in philosophy at Arizona State University, he proudly participates with IFMA and has studied and spoken on topics ranging from workplace collaboration to the “talent drought” many companies are facing. Gunnoe understands the importance the role of education will play to help close this gap, and emphasizes how the Millennial generation will be responsible for ensuring the success of the world of work as we know it. 

“The real power of IFMA is people”. We should spend “less time on the administration, more time on the human aspect of things.” – Jake Gunnoe

During the podcast we were delighted to hear that Gunnoe was impressed by iOFFICE’s technology when he walked by our booth at World Workplace. Thanks for the shout out! He also noted that, “technology is absolutely critical…and the stepping stone for advancing our industry”. We couldn’t agree with him more, we too believe technology, like the one we offer, is going to define the workplace of the future. To listen to the entire podcast click below, and be sure to visit Kayrell Connections’ website to access their entire podcast library.


Kaitlan Whitteberry

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