Workplace Innovator Podcast 100th Episode: Recap and Looking Ahead

by Tiffany Bloodworth Rivers on April 9, 2020

As we continue worldwide efforts to “flatten the curve” of the novel Coronavirus, the workplace is undergoing a major transformation. People across the globe are under mandatory work-from-home orders, causing companies that may never before have done so to shift from traditional office settings and adopt remote working models. 

Looking forward, COVID-19 is likely to clear the way for even greater changes.

In a time marked by high anxiety and uncertainty, it’s more important than ever that we find ways to remain connected with one another. Workplace leaders in particular face a dual challenge: the need to both create new means of connection and productivity for themselves and their workforces during the pandemic, and to prepare for what the new world of workspace looks like on the inevitable return to the office.

Fortunately, fostering connectivity and thought-provoking discussions on workspace trends are core themes of the Workplace Innovator Podcast. Host Mike Petrusky drives conversations on enhancing the workplace experience with guests who challenge the status quo.

Last month in the podcast’s 100th episode he shared optimism amid concern for the rapid market shifts underway.

Finding Perspective During Challenging Times

Mike Petrusky | Host of Workplace Innovator & Director of Events and Growth Marketing at iOFFICE

“I continue to be optimistic about the future. I’m excited to have this platform to share stories with people as they deal with these things, whatever they may be.” 

This centennial episode touches on disruption and some timely advice about facing challenges. And, in an interesting twist, Geoff Snavely of milliCare Floor & Textile Care took over hosting duties, turning the tables on Mike by leading the interview.

Geoff and Mike reviewed insights and questions from seven past guests of the podcast, including:

  • Evaluating current challenges
  • Industry evolution and perspective
  • Inspiration for facing fears
  • Dynamic roles in workplace leadership
  • 80s music (with a little singing)

Geoff and Mike addressed the potential impacts of current economic and societal pressures on facility management and corporate real estate, highlighting that struggle can lead to growth as we learn to adapt. Mike shared his belief that it takes experience to see over the horizon, but that “years down the road, with the benefit of perspective, you realize you will get through it.”

When we face challenges together, we have an opportunity to help each other get through.

As we all learn to adjust to the new normal, it can feel like a struggle to find ways to stay engaged and connected. Like most things in life and at work, adapting to new circumstances isn’t impossible; it just requires a little creativity.

Connecting People to Valuable Resources

Geoff Snavely | Guest Host & Vice President and General Manager at milliCare Floor & Textile Care 

“I always find myself walking out of these conversations with more than I walked in with.” 

While we can’t all be physically together, even the Workplace Innovator community is adapting. During the pandemic, space and place leaders and FMs from around the world are also gathering each Wednesday at 12 p.m. EDT for live steam discussions on innovation, technology, leadership, and the future of work post-COVID-19.

Save your seat for the Workplace Innovator Interactive Weekly Livestream 

New to the Workplace Innovator Podcast? Start at the beginning or dive into the latest episode. We hope you’ll join in, share your insights and stay connected with us, too.

In Mike’s words: Workplace leaders of all stripes are welcome here. 


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