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    How To Make Conference Room Scheduling A Breeze

    James McDonald

    If there was a popularity contest for rooms, the conference room would win. Everyone loves the conference room, and they all try to book it, often at the same time. Even if you have many conference rooms, it can be hard to accommodate all of the groups that need them at the same time. So, how can you avoid scheduling nightmares and make conference room scheduling simple?

    Re-evaluate Your Conference Room Scheduling Process

    If you're like many companies, your conference room scheduling processes probably began a long time ago and have continued on in the same vein, without having anyone question how well they're working. When a company is small, it's easy to mention to your colleagues that you'll need the conference room after lunch. However, as your company grows, slips of paper and calendars no longer work as well. They're easy to lose, and they're harder to communicate, since they require one person to manage them in a specific location.

    Make Conference Room Scheduling Agile

    Today, employees are not always in the office. Some of your colleagues may work from home, coming into the office only for meetings with clients or co-workers. Some of your employees may work off site most of the time, connected to the office through phone and email. As the agile work environment becomes increasingly common, it will likely become even more difficult to coordinate room bookings.

    That's why you need a conference room scheduling solution that's cloud-based and flexible enough to accommodate employees wherever they happen to be working. 

    Consider How Your Spaces Have Changed

    At the same time, the spaces that you have available are probably growing as well. Your company may still have a large corporate headquarters, or you may have many small spaces or rented spaces scattered throughout an area. You may share space with others or have conference rooms that play multiple roles, hosting workshops or acting as the lunch room. When you need to manage many diverse locations spread out over space, you need more than a paper calendar.

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    How Conference Room Scheduling Software Makes Your Life Simpler

    1. The Benefits of Conference Room Scheduling Software

    Room reservation software allows you to collect your bookings under one roof: a digital one. Your employees can book rooms from afar, making it easier for them to work off site or remotely. Your conference room scheduling software also allows you to manage multiple locations at once. You can have many conferences at the same time in different parts of your building or across the city.

    2. Using Software to Visualize and Track Assets

    Software also helps you track all of the assets in your facilities. When the workforce is booking a space, they need to know if the room is available, but they also need to know the size of the room, the number of chairs, and the audio-visual equipment that's available. They want to be able to specify room set up and booking without playing phone tag or hunting for a paper calendar.

    3. Room and Space Utilization

    Flexible online tools like room reservation software not only help your workforce complete online bookings; they also support your ability to provide the right space at the right time by tracking room utilization and participants per meeting. Providing the right space is half the battle when you have reservable spaces. Maybe the 10-person conference room really needs to be two small meeting rooms that hold four or five people, with a private space for one.

    4. Using Data to Make Decisions

    Reservation tools help the facility manager understand how space is used so that this valuable asset is maximized in a way that positively impacts the bottom line, while continuing to support workforce needs. In these days when companies are trying to manage their budgets, solutions that save time also save you money and allow your workforce to focus on business essentials.

    Hummingbird Space Panels

    If you're trying to streamline your room booking processes, iOFFICE's new Hummingbird Space Panels make reserving a place to meet as easy as tapping a button. With Hummingbird Space Panels, employees can easily view availability, create new reservations, add service requests, and more—all from a sleek and intuitive panel mounted to the outside of your space.

    Request a room reservation demo today to learn how our software can help you better manage your conference rooms and free up your time.

    James McDonald


    James McDonald

    James McDonald is a sports enthusiast, brother in Christ and once swam in a tank with the infamous TV sharks.

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