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by James McDonald on May 17, 2016

Mobility is, arguably, one of our most powerful business tools, empowering our workforce with a complete and collaborative work experience. It enhances the workplace culture, enabling us to tackle challenges without the restraints of location and time, offering the foundation for improved productivity. For many, however, a mobile workforce has brought its own set of challenges, reshaping the office as we know it. The workspace must now be fluid, changing from the traditional office setting, to a collaborative, shared space, to the airport terminal, all within a matter of moments. Our business tools must serve our workforce wherever they are, and whatever they are doing.

For many years, enterprises like Google have been the movers and shakers in the business realm. Entrenched in an industry that requires continuous growth and innovation, these organizations have paved the way for others, implementing workspace strategies that once seemed only a dream. And, by recognizing the intricacies of their workplace dynamics, pioneers in the workspace arena are offering their employees options for when, where, and how they work. Marriott hotels, for example, are capitalizing on these mobile trends and have developed a Workspace On Demand program, allowing anyone to “book” a space in the lobby of their hotel. The program offers participants open, collaborative co-working spaces, complete with all the amenities that foster networking, collaboration, and innovation.

But, how can enterprises like Google and Marriott offer such flexibility for business professionals and still maintain a productive work environment? How do they avoid a reduction in productivity that stems from issues of double-booking and employee bottlenecks?

The answer lies within a well thought-out strategy, and the workplace management tools to execute such policies. Read further to see how our clients have put the iOffice Room Reservation software to work for them, and how you can reserve your favorite spaces.

Avoid the Pitfalls of Double-booked Conference Rooms

Have you ever experienced the frustration and embarrassment of setting up a meeting, only to find the space was double-booked? Or that the room wasn’t properly set up with all the equipment needed for your presentation? Time is a valued commodity and wasting your colleagues’ resources by having to reschedule costs in productivity for everyone involved.

Our room reservation software removes the uncertainty that comes from scheduling meetings through applications such as Google Cal or MS Outlook, which only focuses on the meeting and attendees. And, since it’s easily integrable with your scheduling software, your collaborators can still receive the meeting invitations they’ve grown accustomed to.

But your room reservation software shouldn’t be limited to conference rooms only…

Ensure Employees Always Have a Desk When They One Reserve_Your_Favorite_Office_Space.jpg

With more than 70% of the U.S. workforce going mobile, enterprises are now focusing on workspace strategies that offer flexibility and more efficient use of their real estate, without sacrificing the space and resources their employees need. Many have adopted hoteling or flex space strategies, offering their workforce the option to work where they want, based on their current needs. With the iOFFICE room reservation software and mobile application, employees can check availability and reserve desks via smart phone or desktop, ensuring they never arrive at the office without a place to hang their hat again.

The Open Office Design Serves All Organizational Needs

While much of our workforce works mobile in some capacity, the office still has a very real and relevant place in the business world. With a diverse workforce, however, workplace managers are having to shift their strategy to accommodate these evolving needs. This means developing a culture that is flexible and collaborative; building an environment that fosters discussion and teamwork amongst colleagues. But what about the employee who is working on a project by themselves? Or the individual who works best without all the distractions of an open-air office? Employees can reserve huddle rooms for collaborative project meetings, while the individual can reserve a quiet space for those times they need to get away from the hustle and bustle.


Parking Spaces

As our client’s needs evolve, so, too, have our tools. When our clients expressed the need for a business tool that would allow their employees to reserve parking spaces, for both automobiles and bicycles, we delivered. If you don’t see what you need on this list, speak with a representative; we are here to provide the business tools you need and are always up for the challenge!

Additional Services

In business, the details can be the deciding factor between success and failure. If you’re presenting a slide show, yet the proper equipment isn’t available, you’re instantly at a disadvantage. Our software allows you to coordinate additional services, such as special room configuration, audio/visual equipment, and food and beverage service, ensuring that you have everything you need for a successful meeting.

The workspace of our future is here now. Pioneers in the business realm have created an environment that is flexible, mobile, and technologically savvy. Enterprises striving to inspire innovation must anticipate both workforce and customer needs before they are needed. Once viewed as a luxury in business tools, data has now firmly rooted itself as a critical business tool. With robust reporting capabilities, you can now track and manage space utilization, further guiding your management team through the intricacies of a dynamic workspace environment.

Has your organization adopted mobile workspace strategies? If so, how are they evolving to keep pace with these changes?


James McDonald

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