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    Social Media for Facility Managers Series – Post 3

    Kaitlan Whitteberry

    This week's post is covering Facebook groups for facility managers. Although often labeled as the most "informal" site, Facebook is currently the largest social media platform. About 95% of Americans have an active account with a total of 600 million average daily users.


    The most useful Facebook pages for facility managers

    There are over 50 million company pages on Facebook, some that are designed to share information and content with facility managers.  Facebook pages can range from business accounts to news profiles and everything in between.  Pages are different than profiles in the sense that they may not "friend" people, but rather people with profiles can "follow" or "like" them to receive their posts.  Here is a brief list of Facebook Pages that provide information any facility manager would like to know!

    4,000 likes | Joined June of 2010

    As an extension of their online, monthly publication, the Buildings' Facebook page posts links to articles and related content on energy management, maintenance of commercial buildings, life and fire safety, sustainability, project management and more.

    Building Operating Management
    600 likes | Joined May 2009

    The Building Operating Management page is the extension of the leading magazine of the same name. The page posts articles from their site in addition to content from other sources including survey results, infographics, and webinars across energy efficiency, FM strategies, facility technology, and executive management fields.

    Facility Management Journal
    650 likes | Joined July 2010

    The Facility Management Journal is the bimonthly publication from IFMA. This company page posts relevant articles, FM job openings, and links to their online publication.  This is a great resource to anyone who is a member of IFMA or is interested in the association.

    International Facility Management Association
    3,300 likes | Joined

    This association page posts articles directly from the IFMA site, along with member events, conference registrations, and links to content their members would benefit from.  This is also a great resource to access photos from IFMA sponsored events and to find sponsorship opportunities within the organization.

    iOffice, Inc.
    1,800 likes | Joined April 2012

    On our own Facebook page we like to mix it up! We post relevant industry articles, company events, webinar registrations, new client information, along with fun posts with pictures and content about what is happening here at our headquarters! We encourage engagement, and always welcome your comments and suggestions.

    myFacilities Net
    400 likes | Joined May 2009

    The myFacilities Net community allows facility professionals to connect with their colleagues, discuss management strategies, and to share resources. The page encourages engagement, and allows for member posts.  The majority of the page's posts include links to their website forum and industry articles.

    Technology in Business
    14,000 likes | Joined January 2010

    Technological advances in the past few decades have greatly increased the competitive nature of business. This Facebook page's aim is to continue this trend by providing the latest information and best technologies to help you stay ahead of your competition

    Today's Facility Manager
    500 likes | Joined December of 2008

    The TFM Facebook page is designed to offer a social media tool to FMs that provides insightful content while encouraging engagement. The page frequently posts articles from their site, along with content from other sources. The TFM page focuses on facility management, facility safety, new industry products, and research findings.

    Use this list as a starting point toward increasing your engagement on Facebook!  As you begin to explore Facebook pages, the insights will begin to recommend pages for you based on your previous follow history.  It can also be beneficial to follow companies you work with to increase communication and to show support.  If you want to use Facebook as a platform for your company, try it out and begin connecting with your followers just as you connect with other pages.


    Kaitlan Whitteberry


    Kaitlan Whitteberry

    Kaitlan Whitteberry is a Magna Cum Laude graduate from the University of Missouri's journalism program, and currently focuses on iOFFICE press releases, software updates and related news.

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