Space Management Mobile App Video

by Tiffany Bloodworth Rivers on September 26, 2014

Want the flexibility to track space here, there and pretty much anywhere? You can’t carry your desktop or laptop with you while walking your floors, and you certainly don’t want to drag all of those paper floor plans around either. We have your solution. Watch our brief video and learn how you can do just that with the new iOffice Space Management Mobile App.

iOffice’s Space Management mobile app has all the functionality that is available through the desktop version of our software – now accessible on your tablet. You might be wondering, what if you don’t have WIFI? All of your changes will be saved and automatically uploaded once you do get a connection. So you can still make changes no matter where you are. Manage multiple locations, view occupancy scenarios and access your complete floor layouts, whenever you need to. 

Want The Flexibility To Track Space Here, There and Everywhere?  We have your solution.  


What Can The Space Mobile App Do?

  • Space use can be viewed and edited
  • Move scenarios can be viewed and edited
  • Asset location and profile data can be updated
  • Annotations can be created and saved
  • Ability to tap on a room and see and edit all of its attributes

Interested? Click here to schedule a live demo, where you can ask specific questions that apply to your facility. Already have Space? We’re so glad to hear that! Contact your account manager to learn more about gaining access to the mobile app. 



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