How Space Management Software Helps Facility Managers In Remote Work

by Elizabeth Dukes on March 27, 2013

Space management software can help FMs cope with telecommuting trendTelecommuting wasn’t an option in the past, but it’s quickly becoming an important consideration for some IT workers, according to research from Robert Half Technology. A recent survey of 3,300 IT employees showed that 75 percent of respondents include remote working flexibility into their decision after receiving a job offer. Moreover, a full 25 percent prefer to work remotely because there are fewer disruptions that impact their productivity and they do not have to commute.

Yet, the majority (74 percent) of IT workers said they would still rather do their jobs on-site, mostly for the camaraderie that comes with physically being in the workplace.

So what’s a facilities manager to do? The answer for a growing number of business is hoteling. Using space management software, facilities managers can determine how to us real estate within their building most effectively.

First, they need to determine how much space is used on a regular basis and decide on the number of seats that will be available on any given day. If 25 percent of staff members work from home half the time, facilities managers might be able to eliminate 50 percent of the space they originally provided. When remote workers plan to come to the office, they can log into the space management system and reserve a desk for the day.


Elizabeth Dukes

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