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    Spread Holiday Cheer at Your Office through Social Media

    by Kaitlan Whitteberry on December 4, 2015

    It’s that time of year again! For everyone that means enjoying the abundance of treats that line the office kitchen counter and basking in the glow of holiday lights strung in the office foyer. It can also be a stressful time, especially for workplace managers. Don’t let the spirit go away at your facility! Be sure to remember what this season is all about. Try a few of these tips for spreading the holiday cheer on social media, and you’re sure to remind everyone to feel "merry and bright". 


    Promote Your Office Holiday Event

    Use Facebook to help spread the word about your workspace’s annual holiday party or gift exchange. Include a link to the event’s RSVP or have people list who they’re bringing and any other information like potluck sign ups.

    If your office isn’t having a holiday get together, encourage your coworkers to share photos from their own holiday gatherings. It’s always fun to see everyone’s traditions and how each family celebrates in their own way.

    Share Photos of Office Decorations

    This may seem like a given, but it’s surprising how many offices don’t do it. Social media is all about sharing, and this is the perfect opportunity to do so! This also acknowledges all the hard work that goes into putting up those decorations. 


    If your office is large and departments are responsible for their own decorations, you could make it fun by having a lighthearted contest on social to see whose decorations are everyone’s favorite. Or, if your building doesn't usually put up any holiday decor, have employees take photos of their favorite decorations in their yard or even around town. Seeing the different variations in celebrations of the season is sure to make everyone feel festive. 

    Photos of office holiday decorations by iOffice

    Tweet About Holiday Hours & Closings

    Changes to the normal business hours at office can be easily forgotten by stressed employees completing their holiday to-dos. Be sure to change the hours on your Facebook page, your Google page and on your website. If you’re a brick and mortar store be sure to change your Yelp! listing as well. Send out email reminders about any early closures and which holidays your workplace is closing for. Of course, remember to include when you’re reopening as well, so everyone knows when to come back!

    New Call-to-action

    Remind Employees About Winter SafetyPhoto of snow at office building iOffice

    Nothing is fun about getting hurt not he job. With snow, ice and salt accidents are more prone to happen at the workplace when the temperatures drop. Send out notices of road closures where ice makes it impossible to drive safely, and be sure all sidewalks and stairways are properly addressed with salt or are closed off. Step up your mat game in the office foyer to avoid slippery surfaces from water dripping off coats and shoes. Remind workers to walk slowly around areas with ice, and post notices of all safety information on your website and of course, on your social pages as well. You can never be too careful! 

    Donate Gifts, Host a Food Drive or Volunteer as a Group

    If your office is large, and isn’t having a conclusive holiday party or other celebration - consider spreading the joy to others through a toy or food drive. Have a big box set up in the foyer of your office to collect new toys or canned goods to donate to charity. Spread the word about donations on your social media page, and encourage others to take photos of them donating to inspire and remind others to do so as well.

    Here are a few nationwide charities that operate during the holidays. Be sure to either drop off the items yourself or enlist the help of your facilities management team before everyone is gone on vacation. Contact your selected charity prior to your donation gathering to be sure you're collecting items they need the most. 

    Alternate Gifts International holiday charities for businessesToys for Tots

    Feeding America Inc.

    The Angel Tree Program

    Alternate Gifts International

    If volunteering is more up your company's alley, there are ample opportunities for you to gather a small group to participate together. Consider helping out at a local animal shelter, or visit a senior living facility. However you choose to spend your time, be sure to post photos and information on social media - and maybe you'll inspire others to get out and do the same. What could be more cheerful than that?

    As stressful and chaotic this time of the year can be, taking a little time to appreciate the beauty and uniqueness of the season will surely influence the happiness of yourself and others at your office. Happy Holidays!


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