SPX Flow Shares Improving the Process Can Increase Employee Satisfaction

by Tiffany Bloodworth Rivers on March 31, 2016

All successful businesses recognize the necessity for change in the process of progress. Even the most stable, most successful can’t afford to rest on laurels. Truly, the person, business, organization, what have you, who recognizes and embraces change as a chance for betterment, is the same one which ultimately leads in their field, and in life.

One of the most important trends to monitor over recent years is that of integrated workplace management systems, or IWMS. And, this area is of particular interest, as there are some who see this kind of integrated and automated technology as taking away jobs from actual workers. In actuality, these systems reduce time consuming tasks and increase efficiency. The workers actually end up working at a more productive rate and are still an integral part of the overall process. Case in point, our focus for this blog is a company looking to improve processes. In particular, service requests were targeted for attention needed.

So, what did this company realize for a technological and worker-oriented solution? How was their process improved and what amount of change did they experience? Read ahead to see the solutions which best benefited this iOffice customer.

Process Service Requests, Minus the Inbox

”One of the most effective ways to improve operations is to streamline your organization’s planning and scheduling work order processes.”

As more and more businesses move to a global status, due in large part to the connectivity of technology, they are also realizing that the same technology has to be the tamer to the beast it creates. Once the numbers reach a certain level, you must have a system with the capacity to process all of the requests, transmissions, calculations and configurations to keep up with the demands of the customer.

Our client, in this instance, didn’t have an FM system in place, but quickly recognized the necessity for such a system. Already a substantial business in the field of engineering, they were looking to save SPX_Case_Study_Image_Floorplan.jpgtime and money wherever possible, with service requests being among the top areas of concern. The facility’s headquarters alone is greater than 250,000 sq ft and with 8,000+ workers globally, all still working primarily via e-mail, the in-box was getting a workout.

But, convincing all your employees to make a switch, which may appear difficult or too complicated upon first inspection, is never a simple process. A logical transition has to take place. For this technology roll-out, the client chose to introduce in their new tool in phases. But it was critical which groups were included in the initial waves, as to ensure the system receives the best feedback. Because, as you know, good news travels fast but bad news travels faster. 

One of the most effective aspects of the iOffice software was the ease of the employees to integrate with the user interface. The transition to the new system was infinitely more successful because the trainees were quick to recognize the intuitive design and functions. Specifically, the service requests were moved from an e-mail based delivery to a real-time workflow. Even though it was a completely new method, the employees were able to experience a moderately low learning curve. And the results were immediate, in both request servicing time and employee satisfaction. Furthermore, this was just one of the areas within this business which was positively impacted by a move to automated technological services, with the areas of space, move, and asset management all realizing improvements of their own.

As we started with progress, we will end off the same, with the caveat of recognition that we will never see an end to said motivation. Progress will always happen in some form. The trick is to recognize how best the changes serve you and adjust accordingly. As much as it is impossible to ignore technology and workplace evolution, it is also valuable to recognize that every trend doesn’t have to be completely adopted. With so many options, it is completely possible to pick and choose the most applicable choices and not fall behind, in terms of current business trends and changes. What system or service will help build your case study?

Read SPX Flow’s case study to learn more about what modules were implemented to better manage organizational processes for a more engaged workforce.


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