Meet Team iOFFICE: Pita Ortiz

by Tiffany Bloodworth Rivers on February 17, 2014

It was an exciting day for the Olympics as many athletes debuted yesterday.  Well we would like to debut one of our own- Pita Ortiz.  Learn more about this amazing team member now.   


When did you join iOFFICE?

September of 2013

How did you get here?

I was told by the best mother-in-law, Alice Ontiveros, that there was a position open in customer service.

What interests you most about technology?

All the things you can do with just the a push of a button.

What scares you most about technology?

Just how fast it’s advancing.

What activities does your work day typically involve?

I spend most of the day answering customer service calls and helping customers with TRAC and also any hardware questions they have.

What are your hobbies outside iOFFICE?

One of my favorite thing to do outside of the office is to go fishing with my twins. 

There is no better recruiting tool than being one of the best- just like the USA team attracted top athletes after its previous Olympic success, iOFFICE has had an influx of incredible talent from all of our positive press.  Within the next few days you’ll meet some of our brand new talent.



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