The Business Case for Employee Experience Software

by Elizabeth Dukes on April 23, 2018

The employee experience is no longer just a buzzword; it’s a concern that’s quickly rising to the forefront of executives’ minds. Why? The importance of the employee experience is evident in research by Jacob Morgan, who analyzed more than 250 organizations for his book, The Employee Experience Advantage.

Morgan found that companies that invested heavily in the employee experience earned more than four times the average profit and two times the average revenue compared to those that didn’t.

Clearly, investing in the employee experience pays off. But to take it one step further and see even more success, you need to implement employee experience software. Here are a few ways these solutions can help your organization.

The Biggest Benefits of Employee Experience Software

Better Recruiting and Retention

With technology and the age of information empowering employees to change jobs more frequently, employers are realizing they need to offer more than feel-good perks like ping-pong tables and happy hour to attract and retain the best. In fact, companies that invest heavily in the employee experience were nearly 12 times as likely to be included on Glassdoor’s Best Places to Work, according to Morgan’s research.

Which tools and technology you offer your workforce has a substantial impact on the employee experience. Current and potential members of your workforce expect the technology they use in the office to look and act like the technology they use at home. That means having access to everything they need to work efficiently just by making a few taps on their smartphone in a clean, easy-to-use interface.

Outdated, difficult-to-navigate, ugly technology is frustrating for your employees. And because it shows a lack of commitment to employee satisfaction, it can hurt your retention. Plus, when your employees are frustrated, they voice this to their friends and colleagues, damaging your reputation and hindering your recruiting efforts.

Enhanced Collaboration

Progressive companies create a workplace where employees have the tools and technology they need to stay connected and be mobile at the same time. This means not only having access to databases but also being able to communicate with their colleagues, regardless of where they are.

The latest evolution in employee experience technology makes this possible in the form of workplace apps that allow employees to quickly locate people and places, find and reserve available space and more.

To truly support a collaborative environment, make sure everyone is on equal footing by supplying hardware of equal quality, giving each employee access to the same software capabilities and features (when appropriate) and providing visibility into all of the same data.

Improved Efficiency

The way to build a smart workplace that supports a positive employee experience is to take advantage of employee experience software that leverages the Internet of Things (IoT) and sensor technology. IoT sensors collect information about the workplace and the workforce, which businesses can use to better understand how their employees engage with the office. This information also powers the employee experience software and enables the technology to give employees the details they need about the workplace.

The technology is a two-way street, empowering employees to be more productive while also providing employers with the real-time data they need to make adjustments and plan for the future. For instance, with the data gained from IoT sensors, employers can see which rooms are in use on any given day so they can adjust cleaning schedules. Employees won’t be interrupted in the middle of a client call colleagues because the appointment with the cleaning crew overlapped with their meeting. Plus, employee experience software allows employees to easily submit and track service requests, they won’t have to wait around and wonder when their issue will be resolved.

Your business cannot be successful if your workforce isn’t. And your workforce can’t be successful without the right technology. Make sure they have what they need: invest in employee experience software. 


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