The Difference Between Using Paper VS Software To Move Your Workforce

by Tiffany Bloodworth Rivers on January 21, 2015

Technology has most likely been consistently replacing paper items in your life. You now use your iPad to scribble notes instead of on a notepad, you send photos from your birthday through email instead of printing images and mailing them to your friends. It’s is easier, less wasteful and much more efficient. So, technology is replacing paper in many aspects of your life, but what about when you need to move your workforce?

INFOGRAPHIC: Paper Vs. Software To Facilitate An Office Move

For a normal office to make a move, there are quite a few steps involved before the office even duct tapes a box. An especially challenging job is that of the facilities manager. They’re responsible for organizing communication, deliveries, accurate lists of assets and employees, all while assuring the new location is ready too. Writing everything down can work, but is it really your best option?

It is possible to move a company the less-technical way, and everything should get done. However, countless hours are going to be wasted, and it’s quite probable that a costly mistake or two will be made. From requesting a move, to facilitating, and the entire post move process, software cuts time and costs in by almost 75% for the average company. Want proof? We break it down in our latest infographic, The Difference Between Using Paper vs. Software To Move Your Workforce. To see it all for yourself, click here to download the infographic, or click on the button below.

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