The ‘internet of things’ can help automate facilities management processes

by Elizabeth Dukes on February 13, 2018

The 'internet of things' can help automate facilities management processesThe growth of the internet as a resource for office managers who maintain facilities has been a gradual process, largely taking place over the last two decades. But as the world has gained more bandwidth and more power to automate processes, technology has become a bigger and bigger element of efforts with facility management solutions

According to Today’s Facility Manager, the driving force behind this evolution has been the growth of the Internet of Things, a phrase coined by MIT’s Kevin Ashton in the 1990s to describe a world in which every object is connected on a large scale to the information superhighway. Ashton foresaw that every physical item, from elevators to dishwashers to grocery store shelves, would have an internet connection and facilitate conversation.

We’re not entirely there yet, but we’re getting much closer, especially in the facilities management world. The Internet of Things serves today to connect our desks, our cubicles, our mailrooms and, of course, our computers so that managers can properly track them and measure their effectiveness.

According to McKinsey and Company, connecting a device to the Internet of Things has never been easier – just embed any object with a sensor, and it can be granted the ability to communicate. The effects can be eye-opening – better connectivity, more efficient business models and improved processes that can make a difference for years to come.


Elizabeth Dukes

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