The iOFFICE Team Shares Their Family’s Thanksgiving Day Traditions

by Tiffany Bloodworth Rivers on November 22, 2017

Homemade pies, freshly baked turkey, laughter, and football – those of the typical smells and sounds in every American household on Thanksgiving day. Each year Americans gather with family and friends on the fourth Thursday of November to carry out the tradition of giving thanks and celebrating another year together.

Thanksgiving traditions vary family to family. While celebrating with family and food is the most followed custom in American culture, many have started their own traditions. To honor all that the iOFFICE team has to be thankful for, we thought it would be fun to share some of our own team member’s Thanksgiving traditions. Who knows, you might find some inspiration to start your very own way to observe this important American holiday.


Year after year, Thanksgiving week has brought home the title of the busiest travel holiday, with approximately 46.9 million Americans traveling the week of Thanksgiving 2015. The iOFFICE team is no different, with many traveling by air or car, anxious to give thanks to all of life’s blessings.

Jeff – Ft. Worth, TX: Originally from Ft. Worth, TX, Jeff’s entire family travels every year to his grandparent’s home in Marble Falls, TX. They’ve built years of memories together as a family at the lake, where they laugh, eat, and share what the past year has brought them.

Graham – Winnsboro, TX: Graham didn’t have to travel far for his Turkey Day with family. Originally from Winnsboro, TX, Graham typically spent the day with family in Dallas, eating the traditional Thanksgiving meal.


Laughter is the best medicine, especially when enjoyed with friends and family. From the looks of it, our team knows how to do it well.

Jason – Lake Jackson, TX: Jason’s grandmother’s home was filled with laughter every year, as the family would gather to break bread, share jokes, and play pranks, such as hiding the pies.

Mike – San Jose, CA: “Every Thanksgiving, we would have a family dinner at either our house or my sister’s house. Either before or after dinner, all the friends would gather to play in the annual mud bowl. If it hadn’t rained recently, we would use a hose to ensure we had enough mud. Of course, we would also watch a little football. As much as I disliked it as a Steelers fan, I would actually watch the Cowboys and root against them.”

Brian, Glenville, NY: “We planned an annual cousins vs cousins front yard football game, then watched the pro’s (i.e Cowboys and Detroit) play while enjoying dinner and giving thanks.”

Pita, Chicago, IL: Thanksgiving weather in Chicago is a little different than what we’re used to here in Texas. Pita’s family enjoyed the traditional turkey meal and spent the afternoon working off the Thanksgiving spread by playing in the snow with family and friends.


There’s an old adage that comes to mind – “The family that cooks together, stays together.”

Renee, Houston, TX: We all know how much Italians love to cook, and Thanksgiving is no different. Renee’s family would get together at her grandmother’s home to cook a traditional Italian Thanksgiving feast. The family favorites – cardonis and stuffed artichokes.

Nate, Denim Springs, LA: “Ate turkey with family and friends. Dad would smoke a turkey- the best smoked turkey in the world!”

Sammy, Houston, TX: Originally from Houston, TX, Sammy’s family tradition was to all gather at grandmother’s home for a meal. Afterwards, they could make homemade Italian sausage to give out to family and friends. Their record is 700 lbs of homemade sausage in one day!

Non-Traditional Traditions

While many members of the iOFFICE team are from areas where football and Thanksgiving go hand in hand, not everyone spends the day cheering on their favorite team.

Tiffany, St. Petersburg, FL: “Typically on Thanksgiving we would wear shorts and a t-shirt and sometimes you could find us out on the Gulf of Mexico fishing and swimming.”

Alice, Houston, TX: Alice’s family would enjoy a traditional Turkey Day meal in Texas. Afterwards, they would make tamales and play charades.

The iOFFICE family spreads across the world - celebrating international holidays.iOFFICE’s Team is a Diverse Group

We are fortunate enough to have a diverse workforce who comes from all over the world, where holiday traditions are totally different than what we celebrate here in the United States.

Natalia, Moscow, Russia: Since Thanksgiving is a holiday celebrated in the U.S. and Canada, Natalia did not grow up celebrating the day with turkey and dressing. Russian New Years, celebrated in the late evening on December 31st, is a celebrated family tradition in Russia. Late-night family dinners, Russian cuisine, and fireworks honor this special day.

Manuel, Sansito, Mexico: While those of Mexican descent do not observe Thanksgiving, they are a culture who loves to celebrate and give thanks for all that life has provided. Manuel grew up in Sansito, Mexico, where Mother’s Day is the most celebrated holiday. This is their day to give thanks for all that a mother endures and sacrifices for her family; an opportunity to pay homage to the matriarch of the family.

No matter what your family does during this holiday season, we hope your days are filled with love, laughter, and great food. 2017 is in sight – cheers to another year to be thankful for!


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