Nature Work in 2020 – Bring Your Own Technology; Work Goes to the Worker

by Elizabeth Dukes on January 10, 2012

In just a few months, the CoreNet Global Summit will be releasing all of its predictions from its transformational research project, Corporate Real Estate 2020. This is a global, comprehensive study of the radical (and very rapid) changes technology is rapidly bringing to the workplace. Unlike the Industrial Revolution, which took roughly two hundred years to change the world, this technological revolution will hyperblast through our businesses in less than a decade.

Prophetic, meteoric, unstoppable… .the technology outlined in this article and that will be discussed at the CoreNet Global Summit this spring is all of these things and one chilling thing more – a death knell for the companies who are unprepared to take the quantum leap into this rapidly approaching technological future.  If we don’t accept the upcoming changes in the commercial real estate industry, we risk being left in the dust.

iOffice will be attending the conference and we would love to see you there!  Read more about conference and the changes approaching by clicking here.


Elizabeth Dukes

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