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    Top 6 Reasons Workplace Leaders Choose IWMS Tools

    Mike Habeeb

    Every workplace comes with its own set of unique needs and every workplace leader approaches management strategies differently. Yet, more and more, they’re turning to the same solution to solve a variety of their problems: integrated workplace management system (IWMS) tools.

    What is it about IWMS tools that make them such a popular solution? Here are six top reasons workplace leaders are choosing to move forward with IWMS.

    With an IWMS, all workplace data is accessible in one platform, whether that's on a desktop or mobile tablet.1. The convenience of a single platform

    When the “I” stands for integrated, it’s a good sign you won’t have to juggle multiple platforms. Workforce leaders love the convenience of having all their facilities management needs contained in a single platform. By avoiding stand-alone software, they can gain insight into their space management, asset management and strategic planning all in the same place.

    2. The quality of insights

    More than just providing insights, it’s the quality of insights that IWMS tools provide workplace leaders that set this solution apart. By collecting real-time data, an IWMS can help workplace leaders make informed, on-the-spot decisions. With increased data and visibility into employee habits, facility maintenance and equipment upkeep, they can learn what they need to learn, when they need to learn it — rather than waiting for time-consuming reports or forecasts to be created.

    3. The ability to increase efficiency

    Anyone can work harder, but IWMS tools give workforce leaders the ability to increase efficiency, which helps them and their employees work smarter. By doing away with manual data entering and making necessary information more accessible, an IWMS cuts down on tedious tasks. Further, by using the insights to learn about employee habits, workforce leaders can ensure facility maintenance is taking place during a time when it is least likely to disrupt employees.

    4. The impact on employee satisfaction

    The benefits of IWMS are often touted from an operations standpoint, but the impact on employee satisfaction shouldn’t be overlooked. By simplifying problems and allowing the day-to-day to run more smoothly, an IWMS gives employees the support they need to have productive and low-stress workdays. Workforce leaders have the information they need to make decisions based on what their employees really need, rather than just what they think they need. Plus, IWMS tools foster collaboration and further more effective communication, which helps employees feel more invested in their own work experience.

    With an IWMS, workplace leaders can monitor their energy use in real-time.5. The improvements to energy conservation

    Creating a greener work environment is a top priority for many businesses. And by using smart building technology that integrates with an IWMS, workforce leaders can achieve a faster and more efficient impact to their energy conservation goals. Comparing energy use to real-time occupancy allows for both environmental improvements and money-saving opportunities. 

    6. The reduction to operations costs

    Speaking of money-saving opportunities, the ability for IWMS tools to reduce operations costs obviously earns this solution high marks among workforce leaders. According to an analysis from Gartner, more efficient space management can add up to a 10 to 15 percent cost reduction and a 5 to 8 percent savings from improved processes.

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    While this list represents only the top reasons for choosing an IWMS, the benefits certainly don’t stop there. To help you decide if IWMS tools are right for you and your workplace, download our eBook, The Ultimate IWMS Buyer’s Guide.

    Mike Habeeb


    Mike Habeeb

    With 14 years of IWMS sales experience in the CRE and Facilities sectors, Mike has an in-depth understanding of the goals and priorities of prospective customers. Mike has a broad understanding of the IWMS marketplace, and is skilled at working directly with organizations to align them with the ideal technology for their needs.

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