3 Reasons to Update Your Conference Room Technology NOW

by James McDonald on October 11, 2017

How many times have you been in a meeting and watched the presenter exasperatedly attempt to locate the right cord to connect his laptop to the projector? Once he finally plugged in, he had to spend several minutes adjusting the settings so his screen displayed correctly? Before you know it, 10 minutes of your (already rescheduled twice) 30 minute meeting are out the window.

Projectors and projection screens are now outdated. It's time to implement a wireless presentation solution for your conference room.Now, close your eyes. Pretend you’re in that same conference room, waiting for everyone to arrive. But when it’s time to start the meeting, the presenter simply clicks a button on his device and poof! His reports appear on the TV (which your company finally purchased after the projector died), perfectly sized and easily read by everyone.

Everyone claps and cheers! The meeting is the most productive in the history of your business! Your coworker is carried around the office on the shoulders of his colleagues!

Well, maybe that’s a bit extreme. But by replacing the projector and projection screen with a TV and a wireless presentation solution, at the very least your workforce will be able to have more productive and efficient meetings from then on. This is just one example of conference room technology that your organization needs.

Why You Should Update Your Conference Room Technology

If you’re still on the fence, read on to learn more about why it’s in the best interest of your business and your workforce to invest in modern conference room technology.

Lower Stress Levels

While the goal of conference room technology is to enable the workforce to collaborate with colleagues and clients across the globe and instantly share information, faulty or outdated equipment does more harm than good.

A study from global technology company Barco found that nine out of 10 office employees experience elevated stress levels when struggling with technology during meetings. Barco also found that 24 percent of those surveyed have missed important deadlines due to issues with malfunctioning meeting room technology. If clients start leaving because service level agreements (SLAs) aren’t met, the upfront costs associated with updating your conference room technology will seem like a drop in the bucket.

It is your responsibility to alleviate the stress of your workforce whenever possible. In this case, that means ensuring they have the tools best conference room technology that they need to hold a productive, anxiety-free meeting.

Meetings should be seamless. By updating conference technology, various employees can switch presenter mode.Increase Efficiency and Productivity

To many companies, meetings are a necessary evil. Even before the meeting starts, there is an (often substantial) time commitment associated with scheduling and preparation — not to mention the headache of trying to find and book an available conference room.

Meeting organizers are already fighting an uphill battle trying to keep conversations on topic and hold everyone’s attention — especially if the meeting’s purpose is less than enthralling. If you add cumbersome or defective meeting room technology to that deadly mix, the meeting organizer doesn’t stand a chance.

But when several people attending can seamlessly share their screens and not worry about a call dropping because the conference room technology is decades old, meetings are the perfect opportunity to address problems in the business and make faster, more informed decisions. And imagine how happy your employees will be when issues are resolved and questions answered in one meeting, saving time and money.

Improve Employee Morale

Your employees have enough concerns. Reliable, easy-to-use conference room technology may seem insignificant, but this minor convenience can make a big difference in how they feel if they have many meetings each day.

Your employees will feel more confident about meetings knowing they won’t have to struggle to reconfigure their screen to display properly or troubleshoot a busted projector. They know as they walk in they have all the tools they need to make the most of their meeting time.

Conference Room Technology Improves The Workplace Experience

Conference room technology is supposed your employees’ lives easier and improve the productivity of the workforce. Unfortunately, if that technology is difficult to use or flat out doesn’t work, it will have the exact opposite effect, and both your workforce (and your business) will suffer.

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