3 Visitor Management System Elements To Enhance Security

by Hai Falor on July 11, 2019

With the rise of workplace violence in recent years, more organizations are doubling down on building security measures— including a visitor management system.

Our visitor management software system has been helping companies improve workplace security for years, and soon it will be even better. Here’s a look at some of the latest features we’re introducing in the coming months.

Essential Visitor Management System Features

The most basic application of a visitor management system is to create an accurate record of every person who enters your building. With a paper sign-in sheet, guests can leave fields blank and either accidentally or intentionally enter false information. Visitor management software not only ensures visitors provide 100 percent of the required information, but also that the information entered is factual.

When a guest has signed in using your visitor management system, the appropriate personnel receive alerts in their inbox, via Slack or on their mobile device as a push notification. Back in the lobby, the software prompts the visitor to sign any required documentation, such as an NDA, and then takes their photo, which can be printed onto a guest badge.

A visitor management system substantially reduces opportunities for individuals to enter the workplace without permission or under false pretenses. In the event an incident occurs that requires intervention, visitor management software also offers real-time reporting that shows all visitor history and lobby activity.

New Visitor Management Software Features

Along with the features above, iOFFICE visitor management software will soon have additional functionality to further support workplace security.

Here are three new features coming soon:

1. Pre-registration for Visitors

Hosting an event can be a great way to bring your entire company or your clients together to learn from each other. It can also potentially be a logistical nightmare and a security risk if you’re not well prepared.

Our new pre-registration feature will allow you to not only expedite the check-in process for visitors but also keep your workplace safe from unauthorized individuals.

2. Improved Cross-Checking Against Security Watchlists

Pre-registration for visitors makes the check-in process more efficient while decreasing the chance of an unauthorized guest sneaking in. If you’re hosting a big event, you can simply upload the guest list to your visitor management software. This saves attendees a step upon arrival and also automatically cross-checks each guest’s name against your security watchlist. If an unauthorized registrant appears on the list (like a disgruntled ex-employee or a competitor looking to gather proprietary information) they will be flagged within the visitor management system.

3. Integration With Microsoft Outlook

With the new Microsoft Outlook integration, you’ll be able to send pre-event welcome emails to visitors with important details, such as your office address, check-in instructions, and the Wi-Fi password. You can also provide a QR code visitors can scan when they arrive to quickly check in. If you’re hosting a big event, this frees up your registration personnel to answer questions and identify any potential security issues.

It also helps guests feel more at ease during their visit.

Every employee and visitor deserves to feel safe at your workplace, and they’re putting trust in you, the employer, to protect them. A visitor management system allows your organization to take a proactive approach to workplace security so you can give them peace of mind—and potentially even save lives.

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Hai Falor

Hai worked in the corporate real estate division of BB&T for 10 years focusing on facilities management, vendor management, and IT systems before coming to work for iOFFICE. With extensive experience in the IWMS software industry, where he served many years in sales and as a solutions engineer, Hai knows his facilities management stuff.

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