Visitor management systems supplement security audits

by George Rogers on April 19, 2013

Security and safety are two of facilities managers’ most important responsibilities. To ensure they have a 360-Security technology keeps facilities scope of their precautions and vulnerabilities, FMs should perform risk assessments that can advise their investments in security technology, such as visitor management systems, according to Facilities Net. 

One of the first things to consider is the type of operations that take place within the building, the source explains. A facility that houses hazardous materials or chemicals poses greater risk than operations that deal with everyday materials. Along with these factors, FMs can acknowledge data that’s been compiled by the Department of Homeland Security and other organizations to score potential for danger. After completing these assessments, facilities managers can decide which technology and practices will best protect their locations. 

For instance, some schools have started to put additional security precautions at building entrances to prevent unauthorized individuals from gaining access, Today’s Facility Manager reports. 

“Regular vendors may be allowed instant access to the grounds if they have gone through a basic background check at which time they may be issued a security badge for their areas of concern. Non-vendor visitors should check in on arrival and be issued a temporary badge listing their destination,” Steve Cader of ABM Security Services told the source. 

With visitor management applications as part of an integrated workplace management system (IWMS), facilities can verify that every guest is accounted for to keep security at a premium. 




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