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    Webinar: UX + IWMS = FM

    Tiffany Bloodworth Rivers

    The UI or User Interface behind all great software must not only create an effective system, but be appealing to the user. This is why UX or User Experience is completely related to the UI. People won't use a program they just don't like using. How does all of this play into IWMS? Our webinar discusses the importance of selecting a FM software program that your employees will want to use. 


    You've decided your facility would benefit from an IWMS software program. Congratulations! Your UX and IWMS working together workplace is one step closer to running more smoothly. Now comes the tricky part, selecting a program that will be easy for your workforce to understand, and that they will want to use. Part of this decision is correctly identifying an excellent UX or User Experience. 

    How do you go about identifying a system with a strong UX? First it's best to understand exactly what impacts the user experience, starting with the user interface. Our webinar will cover the basics on the importance of the user experience, and how it relates to FM software, so you can make an informed decision. You want your IWMS implementation to be a success, and ensuring it's user-friendly and formulated to work for facilities managers will help that happen. 

    Join us on August 26th at 12:00pm CST for a 45-minute webinar hosted by our very own Chief Technology Officer, Kenton Gray, who knows everything there is to know about the user interface. 

    During this webinar you'll learn:

    • the importance linked to the UX and successful implementation
    • how good UIs make good UXs
    • why simplicity in design reduces errors during use
    • identifying red flags in a poorly designed program
    • selecting the ideal IWMS for your facilities management team


    Tiffany Bloodworth Rivers


    Tiffany Bloodworth Rivers

    Tiffany covers leadership and marketing topics and enjoys learning about how technology shapes our industry. Before iOFFICE, she worked in local news but don't hold that against her.

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