We’re Half Way Through 2016: Our Five Most Popular FM Blogs So Far

by Kaitlan Whitteberry on July 1, 2016
The Ultimate Workplace Visitor Policy Template

The year is already half-way complete, isn’t it hard to believe? 2016 has been an impressive year for the workplace and the future of tech and how it will impact business. There’s no denying that there are changes just around the corner. From being named “The Year of the Millennial” to the Internet of Things becoming an increasing topic of conversation, it’s clear a shift in the workplace is on the horizon for businesses everywhere.

To reflect on this year so far, we’ve gathered the five most popular blogs you may have missed. Feel free to pass this blog along, and don’t be shy about the next topics you want to see covered. We want you and your team to be prepared for the next stages in workplace management. Send us a message on Facebook or comment in our LinkedIn News group. We would love to hear your feedback to make the second half of 2016 even greater than the first.

6_Characteristics_Innovative_Workspace.jpg5 Common Myths About Facilities Managers That Need Busted

The stereotype of facilities management and often the workplace manager is usually completely off from the actual day-to-day activities they perform. Some people still consider these professionals to be the go-to fix-it person—someone who flies under the radar and goes unnoticed and unheard until they’re needed. The person who carts away broken office furniture, replaces outdated equipment and ensures the office remains at a comfortable temperature year-round. While some of these responsibilities may fall within an FM’s wheelhouse, in today’s modern office environment, the facilities manager plays a much larger and much more diverse role. This blog covers the five most common myths about FMs that need to be corrected.

Why Your Facilities Manager is a CEOs Most Powerful Ally

As the eyes and ears of a workplace, the FM truly understand what makes an office function. They have a comprehensive outlook of everything going on in their space, and CEOs should take notice. Facility managers don’t normally spend much time in the boardroom with their organization’s executive leaders. But given how drastically the facility management role has changed over the past several years, it may be time to extend an invite. This blog explores how the CEO and the facilities manager would make an unstoppable team, able to not only forecast what the workplace needs, but how to make it happen.

Little Known Social Media Mistakes That Make You Look Bad on LinkedIn

Your LinkedIn profile is often the first impression a future employer gets to see, or that a future business prospect has the chance to see. How you come across really does matter, and unfortunately many people on the social site don’t know they’re making a few big mistakes. In today’s technology driven economy, how you appear online may be just as important as how you appear in person. Optimizing your profile doesn’t need to be complicated, LinkedIn should be easy to use, and will help make the recruitment process smoother for both parties. Our blog takes you through the common mistakes, and how to fix them fast so you look like the reputable businessperson you know you are. 5_Worst_FM_Candidate_Traits_Image.jpg

5 of the Worst Traits in a Facilities Manager Candidate

Not everyone has what it takes to be a dynamite workplace manager. While skills and experience are important, it takes a special kind of personality to handle all of these moving parts with finesse. With today’s traveling workforce, changing technologies and shift in workplace culture – you need someone who is on top of their game, and everyone else’s. Hiring a rock star facilities manager may take more time than other positions, but when a role impacts everyone in the organization, the extra time is worth the investment. This blog covers what qualities not to look for in your perfect FM.

Top 5 Workplace Trends That Leaders Are Implementing Today

It seems everyday there is a new trending workplace “must have” that leaders and employees are fawning over. But what about the trends that actually have a positive impact on the way people work? Like most industries, ours is a very dynamic one. Charged with helping management teams improve organizational efficiency and employee engagement, it is our duty to ensure we are up-to-date on the latest workplace trends, so that we can deliver a product that aligns with those needs. This blog hits the five top workplace trends that actually make a difference you can see at your office.


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