What are the Key Drivers Changing the Workplace? iOFFICE Users Weigh In

by Tiffany Bloodworth Rivers on September 21, 2016

iOFFICE held our first annual user conference this past May. Like any industry conference sets out to do, we wanted to find out what’s really going on in the facility management world- what’s driving the shift to the digital workplace? As we know, the workplace never stays stagnant. What’s that phrase… the only constant is change?

Technology driversFacilities Managers are expected to not only keep up with the ever-changing workplace, but drive the change within their teams and offices. While attempting to create a successful environment for their companies, they are faced with their own challenges. Streamline all requests within your company- but never mind the issues you might face (do you know how reluctant your workforce is to change?) or the extra technology you may need. Remember, the success of the company relies on you and your ability to get things done efficiently.

We surveyed the 50+ attendees to ask them the most hard-hitting questions. What are the biggest challenges in the workplace? What’s driving this rapid change? Learn what facility managers actually said were the biggest trends today, and what’s happening in the office. Take our poll below before reading on! 


Do the results match your expectations so far? Because we are experiencing a shift into a digital workplace, mobile is non-negotiable. The modern workplace is not four walls and a few twisted cables- it’s the ability to be connected and work from anywhere at anytime.

Employees should be able to perform their everyday tasks by accessing company information on the cloud. Technology related drivers remain some of the biggest drivers in the workplace shift, not to mention you have to attract and retain the talent that needs the technology to succeed in the first place. 

Do your answers line up with these facilities managers? Take our poll and then check out the infographic to learn more.


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