What Browser Should I Use With iOffice’s Facilities Management Software?

by Kenton Gray on December 4, 2014

Technology gives us an abundance of options to complete almost any task and this includes searching the web. A wide variety of web browsers exist to conduct searches and use applications. Typically, web browsers are either determined by the organization you work for and or your own personal preference. However, there are specific web browsers that work more efficiently with certain software. This is the case when using iOffice’s facilities management software. Although our FM software works with all modern browsers, Google Chrome is our recommended browser.


While there are a multitude of advantages, here are three major benefits you can enjoy while using iOffice application with Chrome.Google Chrome is the browser we recommend with the iOffice FM Software tool.

Advantage #1: Speed

We can all agree that speed is important. In this day and age of doing more with less, we want to be sure we can do as much as we can with a minimum wait time. Chrome is an extremely fast web browser, and provides the ability to load and display pages quickly. A speedy browser means that you and your facility workforce can quickly access and view floor plans to get work done quickly and move on to your next deadline.

Advantage #2: Security

Chrome also offers numerous security advantages that are helpful for you and your team. The browser’s Incognito private-browsing mode prevents websites from using tracking cooking and recording browsing history. Additionally, Chrome’s Safe Browsing feature protects you from downloading malware, and Chrome will alert you when you are attempting to visit websites that are known to be harmful. This means that you and your team are able to safely navigate your iOffice facilities management modules and download files uploaded by users without worrying about the potential security issues you may encounter with other browsers.

Advantage #3: Automatic Updates

Older versions of browsers like Internet Explorer don’t update unless you explicitly tell them to. That means you can be running an older, buggier and slower version and not even know it. However, Chrome automatically downloads and installs any needed updates. Having the latest version of browser can also enable new features, visual effects and additional functionality that may not be possible on older browsers. This means that you can focus on getting your work done quickly without needing to worry about whether or not you have the latest patch for your browser.

So in order to make sure that you are able to maximize your iOffice experience, strongly consider using Google Chrome as your browser. With improved speed, greater security, and automatic updates, you can rest easy that it provides the most stable and secure browsing experience for both you and your workforce.

Note: If you are using hardware such as DataMax printers, you may be required to use Internet Explorer. However, we recommend using the latest versions for the best experience.


Kenton Gray

Kenton joined iOFFICE in 2002 as the company’s Chief Technology Officer and now manages a team of ten developers and programmers. When we develop a new module or do a major upgrade, Kenton is the one who envisions the project and designs it from scratch.

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