What Is the iOFFICE Channel Partner Program and How Does It Work?

by Rich Peacock on May 3, 2017

At iOFFICE, we pride ourselves on our passion to empower business leaders to build the optimal work environment. What Is the iOFFICE Channel Partner Program and How Does It Work?

iOFFICE Channel Partners support clients with the highest level of serviceThis means giving leaders the tools they need to optimize their own workplace or their clients’ workplaces. And one of the most powerful tools we offer is the iOFFICE Channel Partner Program.

The iOFFICE Channel Partner Program supports partners in their quest to provide the highest level of service to their clients and helps companies make the most of their workplace management partner relationships.

Here’s how the iOFFICE Channel Partner Program can help you.

Reseller Partners

There are three categories of workplace partners: Reseller Partners, Implementation Partners and Solution Provider Partners.

Reseller Partners have a dedicated team of sales representatives who are focused exclusively on selling the iOFFICE product directly to customers. These sales reps are responsible for providing product demonstrations as well as price quotes and are expected to consistently meet Annual Revenue Targets.

Once a sale has been finalized, iOFFICE’s in-house team begins managing the customer relationship — including implementation and ongoing support of the iOFFICE solution. This allows the Reseller Partner to focus on pursuing more sales opportunities. Should a Reseller Partner decide to become an Implementation Partner or Sales Provider Partner in order to begin offering additional services, they can do so by acquiring supplementary certification.

Implementation Partners

Implementation Partners manage the implementation of the iOFFICE solution for their customers in addition to providing their own value-added services. For instance, if a consulting firm is an Implementation Partner, they may also offer space design, restacking and move coordination services to their clients.

In order for iOFFICE to perform an implementation directly, there are certain capabilities and technologies a business must have. Customers working with an Implementation Partner can be confident the environment is properly prepped for the implementation.

Implementation Partners must complete a certification program, during which they learn the technical aspects of the iOFFICE platform. The iOFFICE certification process allows Implementation Partners to take a deep dive into the iOFFICE solution so they are just as familiar with our process as the iOFFICE in-house implementation team.

Clients trust Implementation Partners because they know iOFFICE has vetted and approved their ability to provide integrated workplace management system (IWMS) implementation services at the same level of service that iOFFICE offers.

With a portfolio of managed space, the iOFFICE platform improves the quality of servicesSolution Provider Partners

Solution Provider Partners provide a portfolio of managed workplace services and utilize the iOFFICE platform to assist them in improving the quality of services they offer. For example, a consulting firm could take advantage of the iOFFICE Channel Partner Program and leverage iOFFICE’s solution to help them enhance the services they provide, such as benchmarking, consulting, lease administration, move relocation management, occupancy and activity-based working.

Unlike Implementation Partners, Solution Provider Partners are usually the end users of the iOFFICE solution. The iOFFICE team usually manages the implementation of the system, but, with additional certification, Solution Provider Partners can perform the implementation themselves.

How Does a Partner Become Part of the Program?

iOFFICE Channel Partners are familiar with IWMS solutions and often are already using some type of workplace management software. They are usually introduced to the iOFFICE Channel Partner Program in one of three ways:

  1. A company’s existing or prospective client learns about the iOFFICE platform and asks the company to help them implement it.
  2. A company hears about the Channel Partner Program via iOFFICE marketing campaigns or word-of-mouth.
  3. iOFFICE reaches out to qualified companies during channel expansion.

After the partner has become familiar with the Channel Partner Program, they reach out to the iOFFICE for assistance with enrollment. Then, once the partner is part of the Channel Partner Program they can connect with additional businesses in search of a partner that …

  • Has a local presence
  • Will analyze their IWMS needs and requirements
  • Assists with the implementation of iOFFICE’s solution
  • Offers additional workplace management services

Partners get access to shared resources such as the iOFFICE marketing, sales and support teams as well as additional sales and marketing materials only available via the iOFFICE partner portal. The advantage the Channel Partner Program provides customers is the ability to easily connect with an authorized partner that can meet all of their workplace management needs.

If you’re interested in learning more about the iOFFICE Channel Partner Program, don’t hesitate to contact us.


Rich Peacock

Rich joined iOFFICE in December 2014 as our Channel Partner Manager. Leading the company’s current channel partner program, he helps incorporate a structured system that's designed to support both existing and prospective partnerships.

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