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    What prompts companies to make changes in facilities management?

    by Elizabeth Dukes on December 12, 2013

    Evolving technology and changing employee habits have had a profound effect on the way companies manage their personnel and their facilities. As companies' ways of doing business change, they're choosing to adapt by using more modern facilities management solutions.iOffice helps companies adapt by using modern facilities management solutions.

    Using new technology for facilities management is a big step - it costs money and effort to get started - but more and more companies are deciding to make the leap. This prompts an interesting question: What leads companies to take the plunge?

    As it turns out, there are several factors, as IWMS News once explained. Here are a few things that might lead your business to decide it's time for facilities management solution upgrades.

    Pressure to cut costs
  Companies everywhere are pressuring executives in numerous departments to trim budgets wherever possible. Luckily, using facilities management solutions can help businesses cut costs. In addition, by tracking office data with a more comprehensive, easy-to-use system, companies save time and productivity. Low-tech ways of monitoring office use can be convoluted and costly, but software solutions remove the headaches from the process and keep budgets lean.

    Green initiatives  
If a company has made it a point of emphasis to preserve the environment - say, by not wasting electricity or office supplies in unnecessary areas of the office - facilities management software can help make that vision a reality. By monitoring what rooms are overused at what times, companies can decide to rewrite the rules in their offices and use resources more effectively. Their bank accounts and the planet will both benefit.

    A need for flexibility
  Workers appreciate flexibility in their daily routines. Sometimes they want to work in quiet settings where they can focus, whereas at other times they want forums for lively discussion and collaboration. Sometimes they want to avoid the office altogether and work from home. Facilities management solutions can help businesses plan their employees' office use so that it always accommodates for their varying needs.

    Cutting out the commute
  Workers have become more mobile than ever before. This might mean staying at home and telecommuting to the office, or it might mean traveling all over the globe to meet with colleagues and customers. In any event, facilities management solutions can make it easy to track employees' use of work space and supplies even when they're not physically located within their office buildings.

    Work is changing, but luckily technology is adapting to keep up.

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