Why Millennial Leaders aren’t as Lazy as You Think

by Elizabeth Dukes on November 8, 2016

The Millennial generation grew up with technology and the internet as a way of life. Unfortunately, this impact has led them to be called a lot of things—from the “laziest generation” to the “most distracted.” Yet there’s another title that might be better fitting: The Most Productive Generation. Why Millennial Leaders Aren't as Lazy as You Think

Many Millennials aren’t following the typical “climb the corporate ladder” path—instead, they’re using their unique traits to break out on their own as entrepreneurs and business leaders. In fact, Millennials are so productive, they’re often accused of being workaholics.

What is it about this generation that makes them productivity masters? Here are four reasons why Millennials are getting it done:

Millennials are natural multitaskersThey’re Natural Multitaskers

Growing up surrounded by technology has given Millennials an innate ability to multitask gracefully. They can navigate between dozens of browser tabs and communicate through multiple messaging services—all while keeping their social channels updated and listening to their favorite podcast. This ability to juggle several different tasks often allows Millennials to take on more work, but actually complete it in less time.

They Aren’t Afraid to Try Something New

Millennials are often the earliest adopters of new technologies and online tools, making them more willing to experiment until they find what works best for their productivity. They don’t shy away from change—in fact, they welcome it.

They Can Be a Little Entitled…

… But that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Growing up during the Information Age has given Millennials the sense that they have a right to know things. They’re more likely to seek out the answers to a problem rather than waste time waiting for someone to teach them. This mindset also plays a part in how Millennials are becoming leaders in the business world—they aren’t afraid to “own it” and go after what they believe they deserve.

They’ve Faced Adversity

Despite their (often helpful, but still much-critiqued) sense of entitlement, Millennial leaders are also no strangers to adversity. With many joining the workforce during poor economic times and depleted job market, their journey into adulthood has been clouded with instability. They’ve had to work harder to prove themselves—and turned this work ethic into a regular habit.

Even though Millennials get a bad rap, one thing’s for certain: This new generation of leaders is changing productivity expectations, and they’re likely doing it while simultaneously accomplishing three other tasks and tweeting about it.

Editor’s Note: This post was previously published on Inc.com and has been republished here with permission.


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