Workplace Managers Create Wider Mobility With An Asset Mobile App

by Tiffany Bloodworth Rivers on May 7, 2014

With so many to-do items on their checklist, many facility managers and their organizations are turning to FM software solutions to aid them in their daily procedures. But with mobility edging itself increasingly more and more into the workplace, the need for mobile apps is rising as well. According to a recent Gartner study, “mobile AD projects targeting smartphones and tablets will outnumber native PC projects by a ratio of 4:1 by 2015.”

Mobile applications are cited as one of the “top three CIO priorities at the enterprise level” states Gartner. With mobility’s roots firmly planted in the workplace, FM software vendors are tasked with creating apps to go along with their various modules. And with organizations having hundreds, if not thousands, of assets to track at any given time, it stands to reason that a mobile app to track these assets is a powerful tool.  iTunesArtwork2x

Why An Asset Mobile App?

Regardless of the size of your organization, you likely have a laundry list of assets to track, maintain and protect. But who maintains this list within the company, and how do they maintain accuracy with so many items to track? Sure, an Excel spreadsheet could be maintained, but assets move without the facility management or workplace managers being informed even if you have a formal process in place to coordinate moves. Without the tools to properly organize and track your list of assets, this can quickly get out of hand. And with mobility on the rise, this task only stands to get trickier.

With a mobile asset app like the one iOffice released this year, every authorized user has access to this information in real-time, with the ability to make changes when necessary. So you will always know where every printer, computer, desk and file are located. And since every asset is tracked in one place, this provides accounting the necessary information they need to complete their paperwork and filings.

So How Does it Work?

Your organization likely has some sort of a list of assets to work with. You may even have already developed a barcode system in which each physical asset is labeled with its own barcode. Whatever your system might currently be, an asset management mobile app can help you devise the most accurate and efficient way to load that data into the application.

From there, you have an endless amount of tracking opportunities at your disposal. For example, our mobile app has the ability to do an asset search, either by model number, type of asset, or service number. If you have implemented a barcode system, you can also scan and review this data. Once you have completed your search, you can:

  1. Verify the asset and its location. The app captures the date, time and name of who completed this verification.
  2. If the asset is in a different location than currently listed, you can update the records accordingly.
  3. Should your asset be one assigned to an individual, traveling wherever they go, you also have the ability to assign ownership. Tag the person from the directory as the “owner” of this equipment and you will always know where the asset is located.

What About Integration With My Other Modules?

The information you load into the asset mobile app fully integrates with your iOffice asset tracking module in the FM software system. Enter information into one, and it automatically updates into the other. Should you have other modules in your software system, there are several other modules that integrate with the mobile app:

Facility maintenance moduleIf you have a piece of equipment that you find needs servicing, the Service Request mobile app provides you with the option to tag the asset to a service request. From there, you have the option to track servicing all the way to completion, staying informed throughout the entire process.

Space management moduleThe asset mobile app fully integrates with the space management module, providing you another avenue for determining an asset’s location, as well as planning for any future changes.

Service and lease agreementsThe Asset module allows you to track and automate various contracts your organization is engaged in. Through the asset module, you are able to tag specific assets, appointing them to a related contract. By assigning dates associated with these assets and agreements, you automate your system, so you never miss out on those important dates.

Regardless of the size of your company, you likely have many assets that need to be organized, catalogued and tracked. An asset tracking software module is a great solution, but with so many offices transforming their spaces, mobility is critical. Our asset mobile app provides you that added flexibility to complete your job from anywhere, at any time. And since mobility is becoming more and more of a priority, this is a powerful tool to add to your arsenal.


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