Workplace of the future is more efficient, environmentally friendly

by Elizabeth Dukes on February 1, 2013

facilities become more environmentally friendlyWork environments are changing to reflect emerging corporate values that include eliminating inefficiencies, lowering costs and reducing carbon footprints. Customers are embracing sustainability and appreciate businesses that have managed to make their operations more lean. However, achieving these goals requires companies to rethink their processes and invest in new facilities management software that makes it possible to measure their progress.

Global engineering company Aurecon recently undertook a workplace redesign, innovating its facility into an office of the future, according to Design Build Source. The firm incorporated changes that reduced energy consumption and maximized real estate with consideration for employees’ work flows.

The workplace of the future will center on increasing productivity and competitiveness while maximizing resources, the source writes in a separate article. These factors can now be realized thanks to technological advances.

Workplace management systems offer centralized views of all business processes, enabling facilities managers to spot inefficient uses of resources so they can implement better practices. Programs such as facility management software give real-time information about space utilization across locations, which can help companies make adjustments immediately based on which spaces are being used at any given time to reduce costs.


Elizabeth Dukes

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