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Design a safer workplace with the Space-Right™ physical distancing tool
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    Featured BLUEPRINT
    the blueprint for building

    Smart&Agile Workplaces

    With Technology
    Agile working means letting go of the traditional office space and embracing a completely different paradigm.
    IN THIS BLUEPRINT you’ll discover...


    When it comes to staying competitive, the most agile companies win the race.

    When you have access to multiple choices to where you do your work, that trumps owning one space. Think beyond the office environment. How can people participate from anywhere and still feel like they are part of the community?
    Terry Tran, Work Environment Integration, Genentech

    learn how to Define your Agile Work Environment

    Whether you are a facility manager, corporate real estate leader or another workplace leader, many are embracing the idea of greater flexibility and mobility in the workplace. This blueprint will demonstrate how to create your best agile workplace that will produce a happy and more productive employee experience, including:

    • Defining the agile work environment
    • Benefits of an agile environment
    • Phase 1 - A connected workplace
    • Phase 2 - Employee experience solutions
    • Phase 3 - Building intelligence & automation
    • The ROI of new workplace technology
    • Getting started: Planning your agile work environment

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