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Buzz Fisher

VP of Professional Services

Vice President of Professional Services, Buzz Fisher, has spent his extensive career delivering services to customers for several technology companies. Responsible for all Professional Service offerings across the iOFFICE enterprise, Buzz is leading his team to develop and scale our non-recurring revenue offerings as we continue to grow.

His impressive background includes roles as a technical director, infrastructure utility manager, and a certification in Disaster Recovery. With a proven track record of hitting company metrics, he is focused on team unity for the business overall, strengthening the enterprise by unifying all four entities of iOFFICE with common metrics and reporting.

“Working for iOFFICE is like coming home.” 

Buzz has known iOFFICE CEO, Mark Peterson, for 30 years, and has previously worked with several other iOFFICE team members. He is excited about the iOFFICE “hit the ground running and get things done” mentality. As a leader, Buzz sets high expectations and goals and then enables his team to achieve them – balancing his emphasis on accountability with his belief in the importance of having fun in day-to-day life.

Known for his reliability, colleagues can always count on Buzz to achieve his goals – a trait he learned early on in life. Growing up on a Vermont dairy farm, Buzz has always valued hard work and responsibility. When he was young, he read a book about submarines that inspired his dream of joining the navy, a dream he accomplished as an electronics technician where he did 7 submarine patrols. His military experience instilled the leadership qualities that he holds to this day and equipped him with the tools for building and aligning successful teams.

Buzz lives in Conroe, Texas with his wife and is a very proud father of two college-aged daughters. Formerly an avid skier, he now spends his free time woodworking and reading. Buzz enjoys spending time with his family, traveling home to Vermont, and hiking. He still fondly remembers his time in the navy and the excitement of seeing the world from submarines. 

He cites Mark Twain’s quote, “Always do the right thing. It will gratify some people and astonish the rest” as one of his favorites. No stranger to doing the right thing, Buzz has been involved with Habitat for Humanity efforts around the country and looks forward to continuing those efforts and giving back to the local community.