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What we believe

iOFFICE + SpaceIQ is one family working together to support 10,000+ organizations and their millions of employees around the world. Get to know four of our seven brands and a peek into our culture with this video.


From our CEO

At iOFFICE, we feel very strongly that our success centers around our relationships with one another. When we fully commit to work inclusively as a team and carry out our core values in all interactions, there is no room for hate, bias, or discrimination in any form.

We strive to ensure every employee is included and heard. As we aim to live our values, we continue to keep diversity and inclusion at the forefront of our minds, decisions, and actions. At iOFFICE, we are human and we will make mistakes along the way, and yet together we can continue to grow and build a strong culture.

We will strive for iOFFICE to always be a safe place to voice concerns and discuss challenging issues that impact us at work. Together, we manifest how a supportive work environment leads to a culture that fosters love and acceptance for all.

Mark Peterson,

What drives us

Our values aren’t just words we display on our office walls. They come directly from our culture and are how we choose our tribe and reward our team members.

Customer Commitment

We don’t put this solely on the shoulders of people in “customer” roles. We’re dedicated to treating our clients and our coworkers with a service mindset, and finding opportunities to surprise and delight.

Owning the Outcome

Saying we take pride in our work is easy. Owning the results — even when things don’t go as planned — isn’t. Owning the outcome means we put the work in until we’re proud of what we create, even if that means adjusting course along the way.

Innovating with Passion

This has been the core of who we are since our founding in 2002 and is the reason customers love our software. Have you ever had an idea that you just can’t shake until you find a solution? We encourage everyone to solve problems creatively, whether it’s submitting ideas for new features or participating in team innovation challenges.

Winning as a Team

No one person has all the answers. We know that we’re better together than we are as individuals, and we love to lift each other up by sharing successes and shoutouts.

Leaving a Positive Impact

Whether we’re hosting free industry podcasts to share what we know or holding charity drives, giving back is important to us.

Acting with Integrity

We want all team members to feel comfortable speaking up for what’s right. You don’t have to have seniority to have a voice here. We work to make sure everyone is on equal ground and use the EthicsPoint service so anyone can raise potential concerns anonymously.

Shape tomorrow’s workplaces

The future belongs to those who create it, and our team does that every day. We’re constantly adding new features to our software to enhance user experiences, integrate with new technology, and help our customers make sense of workplace and equipment data.

If you’re someone who’s creative, curious, and collaborative with a passion for solving the kinds of problems that may not even exist yet, we want you to join us!

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Growth mindset


Professional development programs


Leadership academy through Wildsparq


Employee star of the month award


Team innovation challenges


Inspired workspaces


3 offices that put our leading workplace software into practice


Employee experience app


Flexible remote and WFH options


Competitive benefits


Health, vision, and dental plans


Disability, critical illness, and life insurance benefits


Employee Assistance Program and call center


401(k) and Roth savings options


Paid holidays, vacation, and parental leave

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