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  • Elizabeth Dukes


    Elizabeth Dukes, Co-founder of iOFFICE, is a visionary that used her unrelenting, innovative spirit that led iOFFICE to be the first employee-centric IWMS designed to unleash the full potential of both the workforce and the workplace. Elizabeth has always been a staunch evangelist for tech solutions for agile workplaces eventually attracting more than 1400 enterprise customers seeking nimble solutions that empowered their teams. As co-founder of iOFFICE, Elizabeth finds opportunities to increase organic and strategic growth for the company, which includes finding new and compatible technologies that support iOFFICE’s customers’ current and future needs. Always on the lookout for new ways to make iOFFICE the most innovative IWMS in the world, Elizabeth constantly on the lookout to find new solutions that create connected workplaces that drive business outcomes.    

     “While co-founding iOFFICE, I knew that not only did we want to be the best and most innovative IWMS, but that we also wanted to create a culture that reflected how an office can truly connect its employees. Our values: owning the outcome, innovation, doing the right thing and working as a team have made iOFFICE a central hub for the best and brightest customers, partners and team members. As we look toward the future, I’m confident that these values will guide us into an exciting future in IWMS, the employee experience and beyond.”

     Elizabeth received her bachelor of business, marketing degree from the University of Texas in Austin and worked for Pitney Bowes co-founding iOFFICE. Elizabeth is a wife and mother of two adult daughters. She is actively involved with the community through Agape Development and her church.  She loves to be outside when at all possible enjoying exercise, playing tennis, taking photos or hiking through beautiful places.