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    One time fee based on your square footage 

    Set-up fees are one-time fees that cover the set-up of the unique, secure URL (for example https://customer.iofficeconnect.com)  and site configuration based on your unique requirements. 

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    Recurring monthly fee based on your square footage

    Monthly fees cover the site license, database hosting, maintenance & support, unlimited users at any permission level, data backups, mobile apps and upgrades.


    Each module is priced individually but the more you license the better
    the pricing. The basic structure involves an initial set up fee and a
    monthly site license fee.

    The benefits of our pricing include:

    • All inclusive with no hidden fees
    • Variable based on modules, number of locations and your company size
    • Competitive to meet your budget goals
    • FREE mobile apps
    Question about IWMS Pricing

    Are there any additional fees?

    Integrations with other third-party applications such as HR, IT, ERP, Badging or Calendaring Systems, set up of Single Sign-On and Training are additional fees.  The average customer spends around $1,500 on training.  Professional service fees are in addition and are determined based on size and scope of engagement.  Please contact us for requirements that you may have. 

    What are Professional Service Fees?

    Professional service fees are one-time fees and charged for iOFFICE’s time and expertise to support the design and configuration of the site based on leading practices.

    Do I have to buy Hardware from you?

    No hardware is required, except for the Visitor Module. For the visitor module, auxiliary equipment like badge printers and scanners must be provided by iOFFICE so that we can effectively implement and support the hardware. Our FREE mobile apps for the space, service request, asset, reservations and mail modules run on iOS and Android, allowing you to leverage your own device.

    Will my IT department have to be on numerous calls and have extensive duties?

    No, as iOFFICE is a Software as a Service (SaaS) based application your IT resources are not required to manage implementation or ongoing support.  If you choose to create interfaces with other applications, your IT will need to be involved.  However, we have created a robust REST API that makes the implementation of these integrations easy minimizing time spent by your IT team.

    How long are the contracts?

    iOFFICE plans are paid monthly or yearly.  Our contracts are usually for a 3-year term but we make it simple to start and stop your service at any time. Just give us a 30-day written notice and you can take your data and go (but no one ever does).

    How do I add or remove modules?

    We bet you are more likely to add modules instead of remove, but the process is the same either way.  Call or email our Customer Service Team and they will connect you with the appropriate resource to make changes to your site.  We will provide a proposal and update the contracted Scope of Services.  

    What do you mean "Unlimited"?

    We know this is different than what you are used to so you may be skeptical but unlimited means you can have as many users and as much data stored and accessible via your dedicated site for the entirety of your relationship with iOFFICE.  

    How long does it take to implement your software?

    That is a great question.  The safe way for us to respond is 60 to 90 days per module.  Your designated implementation manager will work with you to set up a time line that meets your needs and goals.  

    Can I get a discount?

    iOFFICE offers discounts to non-profit organizations.  Just let us know.  We also offer discounted pricing for additional modules.  For example, if you need Space, Move, Service Request & Asset you won't pay full price for each module.  We will work to fit our tools into your budget as much as we can.  

    How much do the Mobile apps cost?

    Ready for this?  They are completely FREE.  We believe work is no longer about the walls that confine it. Work happens at a desk in an office, collaborating in breakout rooms across time zones, at home, on the road or at 30,000 feet. Today’s leaders need the tools that support these work environments, keeping them productive and retaining their best talent.

    Ready to Demo the Software?


    or Call us at 713-526-1029 or email sales at SALES@iOFFICECORP.com