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    A business is only as successful as the organization of its operations. Facility management software is an invaluable tool that helps support a facility’s operations to make them more effective.

    FM software is often integrated with other IT systems and typically includes functionality for managing space, reservations, service requests, moves and assets. The combination of workflow management, data reporting and web-based mobility helps streamline business operations while allowing facility managers to make informed decisions.

    Benefits of FACILITY MANAGEMENT Software

    It wasn’t too long ago when facility management focused strictly on building maintenance. But with rising real estate costs and an emphasis on the employee experience, facility management has come to encompass much more responsibility.

    Let’s take a look at some of the benefits facility management software can provide.


    Behind personnel, real estate is the most costly aspect of running a business. That’s why it’s so important for businesses to have insight into whether and how employees are using spaces. With measurements of real-time use, facility management software offers insight into how to make the best use of space, from leasing unused areas to making sure employees have access to those spaces they prefer.


    Cost control measures have always been a challenge in facility management. In addition to saving on real estate costs, facility management software delivers the added benefit of maintenance savings. Rather than having to replace equipment when it fails, gathered data can be leveraged to create a proactive maintenance plan that fuels long-term savings.


    Sorting through scattered data is a time-consuming process. And if you want to share this information with other team members, there are more hours of manual input to account for, as well as potential errors. What’s great about facility management software is that all of the data is collected and organized in one space, so every employee can access real-time information when they need it.


    Transparency is a crucial characteristic of any workplace. Not only does it improve communication throughout the business, but it also leads to greater employee satisfaction as they feel included in the decision-making process. Facility management software helps nurture transparency—and an environment of mutual trust and respect—by showcasing real-time facility management metrics.


    Integrated with other functions

    To maximize their resources and ensure the integrity of data, many organizations are now integrating their facility management software with other platforms. That’s why it’s important to look for FM solutions that can easily interface with other platforms, from HR software to help desk systems. This allows for the steady flow of information between different platforms and thus better communication.

    Cloud-Based and Mobile

    Whether in meetings or on the road, facility managers and employees are away from their desk quite a bit. But that doesn’t mean that they won’t need to submit or respond to FM requests during this time. Cloud-based and mobile applications deliver the advantage of enabling both parties to continue shaping the workplace even when on the move.


    In the spirit of greater flexibility in the workplace, facility management software has recently been linked with employee-facing apps. While providing for a more mobile-friendly experience, these apps help reduce the time spent documenting changes and streamline the submission of requests.


    Before you decide on a facility management software, you’ll want to ensure it aligns with your needs.

    Here are six different variables you should consider.

    • Research your vendor, and understand the partnership they’ll provide
    • Find out how the new software will integrate with your existing systems
    • Consider whether mobile devices will work with your system
    • Inquire about the management of facility metrics
    • Ensure your data is secure
    • Validate the types of training and support offered

    As you weigh these factors, you’ll have a clearer idea of the FM solution that aligns with your strategy and goals.

    Case Study: How Facility Management Software Improves Space Utilization

    Since 1966, the global organization Sodexo has provided quality-of-life services with a real and measurable impact on various communities. With a more regional structure in place, the Nordic facilities management team sought to find an integrated workplace management system (IWMS) that would prompt regional growth and profits.

    Their search for an adaptable solution led them to iOFFICE. In addition to being cost-effective, the software could easily be integrated with internal systems, as well as those of their clients, and offers impressive customizable reporting features.

    Thanks to a combination of space management and move management platforms, Sodexo Nordics was able to smoothly relocate from their Stockholm office to a new workplace. The software also streamlined the process for reserving available workspaces and ensured preventive maintenance.

    The Sodexo team was so pleased with the internal benefits of the iOFFICE software that they have moved on to implementing this technology for a variety of their customers.

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