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    Facilities management software is an invaluable tool that helps support a facility’s operations to make them more effective. It is often integrated with other IT systems and typically includes functionality for managing space, reservations, service requests, moves and assets. The combination of workflow management, data reporting and web-based mobility helps streamline business operations while allowing facility managers to make informed decisions.



    Facility management software provides a holistic view of business operations for real-time transparency and greater insight into what’s ahead. With our facility management software, you can:


    iOFFICE allows our teams to centrally store and retrieve data, report on data, and quote jobs. This has greatly reduced our issue of losing data and has made us more efficient in servicing our customers.

    Property & Building Manager, Chevron Phillips Chemical

    The iOFFICE platform is so simple, it’s much easier to use and more functional than the old Facilities management software we used.

    Director of Facilities, Weil, Gotshal & Manges

    does your company need FACILITY MANAGEMENT SOFTWARE

    Given the benefits, flexibility, and availability of the relatively low-cost web based facility maintenance management software of today, it is surprising how many organizations have still not adopted these systems for themselves. Information, and building processes around this information, is critical to the wellness of any company.

    Many of today's organizations, both large and small, face the same challenges.Business decisions are only as good as the information used to make them. With facility management software, workplace leaders will always have the context to move the business forward with strategic intention. Use these solutions to save valuable time by easily locating any person, building, room, space, or asset, and tracking all of the critical information needed for greater visibility now and more meaningful business decisions.

    Empower your employees and by removing repetitive work, reducing waste and more effectively allocating resources, automating and simplifying maintenance processes, optimizing space utilization, and enabling easy navigation of the workplace.


    facility management software helps locate, find and track different assets in an organization

    Locate, Find and Track

    Empower your employees with the digital tools to locate any person, building, room, space, or asset at work. With visibility into current usage and availability, employees will always have the context needed to quickly find the space they need. Save time and increase productivity with the wayfinding technology that allows workers to locate available rooms.

    facility management software helps better space utilization

    Better space Utilization

    Behind personnel, real estate is the most costly aspect of running a business. That’s why it’s so important for businesses to have insight into space management to understand whether and how employees are using spaces. With measurements of real-time use, space management software offers insight into how to make the best use of space, from leasing unused areas to making sure employees have access to those spaces they prefer.

    facility management software helps automate service requests

    Smarter service requests

    Automate preventative maintenance schedules and get more value from your assets. Facility management software enables employees to view, create, submit, accept, and update work orders. Make work orders visible on-site, globally and remotely, and since asset data can be captured from anywhere, employees save valuable time.

    facility management software helps optimize cost savings

    Cost savings

    Cost control measures have always been a challenge in facility management. In addition to saving on real estate costs, facility management software delivers the added benefit of maintenance savings. Rather than having to replace equipment when it fails, gathered data can be leveraged to create a proactive maintenance plan that fuels long-term savings.

    facility management software helps store all data in one place

    Store data in one place

    Sorting through scattered data is a time-consuming process. And if you want to share this information with other team members, there are more hours of manual input to account for, as well as potential errors. What’s great about an IWMS or a facility management software is that all of the data is collected and organized in one space, so every employee can access real-time information when they need it.

    facility management software provides real time space management metrics

    Real-time space management metrics

    Transparency is a crucial characteristic of any workplace. Not only does it improve communication throughout the business, but it also leads to greater employee satisfaction as they feel included in the decision-making process. Facility management software helps nurture transparency—and an environment of mutual trust and respect—by showcasing real-time space management metrics.

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    Regardless of where they are headed, a good chunk of the population relies on apps to guide them from one location to the next. This same technology is beneficial to the corporate space. With wayfinding software, workplaces can reduce the amount of time visitors spend walking back and forth across campus, helping them effectively navigate through the environment. When used in conjunction with visitor management software, guests have more control over their experience and require less time and help from staff.



    Independent contractors and consultants are growing part of the workforce. In fact, over a third of the workforce is part of what’s known as the “gig economy.” Visitor management software streamlines the sign-in process for these individuals, providing them with a badge and an assigned workstation so they can start working right away. What’s also beneficial about visitor management systems is that they store information about other visitors—potentially competitors who could be vying for the same project.


    As workplaces evolve, it’s important that the right technology is in place to offer support. In line with emerging workplace trends, many organizations are looking to facility management software as a tool to add to their box. SaaS directories helps thousands of facilities managers to choose the right facility management system for their business.

    A Facility management software helps workplace leaders keep track of assets, maintenance, and disparate information. It streamlines processes and help bring the workforce together, taking much of the statistical ambiguity out of running a successful business.

    variables to consider
        • Does the facility management software integrate with your existing technology? 
        • Is it 100% cloud-based?
        • Is it easy for employees to use?
        • Is your data secure? 

    Read this Buyer's Guide to Facility Management Software by TechnologyAdvice and gain a better understanding what facility management software can offer and how to narrow your search.