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Service is a priority in facility maintenance. To maintain a high level of service and remain flexible for potential growth, businesses need to establish the right infrastructure for tracking and accommodating service requests.

Facility maintenance software is at the heart of this approach. This multifaceted tool streamlines communication between employees and the maintenance department, making it easy for workforces to submit, track and complete service requests.

Benefits of Facility Maintenance Software

Eliminates Miscommunication

For many facility managers and workplace leaders, phone calls and emails are still the routes used to handle service requests. These approaches, however, open up the door for greater miscommunication—whether it’s a muffled voicemail or unclear wording. Investing in facility maintenance software ensures the messages from your workforce are clearly understood and addressed.

Alleviates Reactive Situations

Repair-based maintenance can cost businesses two to five times more than planned work. That’s why it’s so important to establish a solid preventive maintenance plan. With the ability to compile and analyze data, work order software helps you prioritize maintenance tasks as well as assess their effectiveness and validity.


When workplace managers struggle to access work orders and their relevant details, productivity can take a hit. Maintenance software makes these unresolved issues and extended downtime a thing of the past. The platform offers every piece of information needed to promptly resolve the work order, from customer details to a description of issues.

Real-Time Maintenance Metrics

Businesses are always looking for ways to learn from the past and plan actionable improvements. The health and performance of service requests is no different. With real-time data and reporting capabilities, work order software gives companies the resources to take predictive measures and communicate this data with a larger audience.



Service requests can pop up at any time of day. It could be when an employee is traveling on the road or when a workplace manager is away from their desk. Mobile apps make it easy for all parties to access maintenance software while on-the-move, increasing the effectiveness of the system.

Integration with Existing Systems

Service requests and IT requests are typically thought of as two separate entities. But when these service needs are logged into one system, it can minimize confusion for end users and encourage overall use. Interfacing maintenance software with the IT Help Desk builds this connection, while still allowing each department to manage the individual details of their environment.

Facility Maintenance Software

Choosing the right facility maintenance software for your business requires several considerations. As you weigh your options, here are some variables to keep in mind.

  • Find a vendor you know and trust
  • Understand how the new system and modules will integrate with your current system
  • Ensure that mobile apps are created with the full user experience in mind
  • Make data easily accessible to foster educated managerial decisions
  • Confirm that there are routine checks to verify the security of their systems
  • Have conversations about training on the new system and ongoing technical support

Considering these variables will ensure that your maintenance software vendor takes your service operations to the next level.

How Facility Maintenance Software Helped ABB Manage Work Orders

As a leader in industrial digitization, ABB has developed and commercialized some of the most critical technologies used today. With seven corporate research centers throughout the world and a growing demand, the organization sought to improve their internal operations for greater efficiency.

What ABB’s original system lacked was standardized technologies and processes. There was no consistent way of handling work orders, updated floor plans, inventory or employee tracking throughout the workplace. It was also difficult to locate numbers relative to occupancy levels and required assets for different sites.

After looking at a variety of contenders in the marketplace, the facilities manager of the five U.S.-based facilities—as well as team of key decision makers—selected iOFFICE.

With iOFFICE’s facility maintenance software, ABB was able to standardize and stabilize the work order process. Managing all of these requests under the same transparent system made documentation a much quicker process. What once took hours or days to present now just required a few minutes of an employee’s time.

Along with enhanced service operations, iOFFICE solutions also gave ABB the ability to plan proactive maintenance, track employee numbers in real-time, easily manage and track assets and reduce the complexity of changes to office space configurations.

These simplifications have revolutionized the way ABB manages facilities and delivered significant time savings to the organization. The facilities manager for the five U.S.-based facilities is hopeful that the use of iOFFICE solutions will continue to spread across other U.S. offices.


To keep businesses productive and employees satisfied, service needs to be an integral part of the
workplace. The key to delivering amazing service is to leverage maintenance software that ensures
speed and accuracy.