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For employees to perform at their best, it’s important that workplaces provide a variety of rooms and areas to meet a wide range of needs. Providing the right spaces, however, is only half the battle. Businesses also need to streamline the ability to reserve these spaces as well as equipment.

Room reservation software is a digital solution that simplifies this process. It takes only one click for employees to reserve spaces and coordinate additional services, while facility managers are able to gain insight into the real-time utilization of spaces.

Benefits of Room reservation Software

Increase Meeting Productivity

The double-booking of a meeting room can be a frustrating experience for employees. Whether they choose to hunt around for another space to use or opt to reschedule the meeting, both scenarios are a productivity killer. Room reservation problem solves this issue by providing employees with a real-time view of room availability.

Create Room for Scalability

For smaller companies, the need for a conference room can be made clear through a simple mention to colleagues. But as organizations grow larger, these manual systems can create gaps in communication and subsequent challenges. With room reservation software, you have a technology that supports the growth of your business and makes it easy to manage room bookings at multiple locations.

Gain Insight into Space Utilization

When employees struggle to find available rooms in the workplace, there are two potential explanations. It could be that there is lack of space, or that the majority of the workforce wants to use the same areas. Room reservation software can help you decipher what’s the cause of your space shortage and plan actionable improvements.

Improve Employee Satisfaction

During any point of the workday, employees may need to schedule a last-minute meeting or simply want a change of scenery. It’s important that the right technology is in place to support these needs. Finding and reserving spaces via room reservation software provides an efficient solution—far more so than wandering around a corporate campus to find available areas.

Trends in Room Reservation Software


Today’s employees often work off-site much of the time. Room reservation software helps keep them connected to the workplace no matter where they are. Employees are able to book conference and meeting rooms from afar, which makes it easier for them to work in a remote environment.

CHOOSING room reservation SOFTWARE

Before you invest in room reservation software, there are a few important variables to consider. This will help ensure that you make the best choice for your business.

  • Review case studies from your vendor to understand their partnership
  • Ensure that the software will integrate smoothly with existing systems
  • Confirm that access via mobile devices is possible
  • Identify the ability to leverage data as a resource
  • Ask about routine checks for security verification
  • See if the vendor provides both initial and ongoing support

    How Room Reservation Software Optimized the Work Experience at McKesson

    McKesson is an organization known for being at the forefront of advancements in healthcare as well as healthcare technology. With the mission of creating a sustainable future for this field, the company wanted to leverage digital workplace solutions that would support these efforts—specifically as they moved into their new 528,000 sq. foot facility

    The path to streamlining technologies and establishing effective solutions led McKesson to iOFFICE.

    By establishing a feed from the current management software, the iOFFICE team was able to provide floor plans and HR data as well as plug-in for the Visitor, Mail and Reservation modules. Such functionality has created a more seamless work experience, with the support for mobility and hot desking as well as decreased response times. These tools have also made it easier for the facilities management team to collaborate with other departments and leverage data for intelligent research.


Booking workspaces and equipment should be a simple process for employees. Room reservation software ensures that your workforce is able to efficiently coordinate these services with a single click.