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Design a safer workplace with the Space-Right™ physical distancing tool
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    iOFFICE workplace management implementation services are where everything comes together. Software is implemented and integrated with operations and employees, while end-to-end processes are optimized. As an iOFFICE Implementation Manager, you are a trusted advisor and interface directly with our customers to help ensure project success and optimal return


    As a project team member within iOFFICE the desired candidate works collaboratively to deliver success. iOFFICE typically uses a proven 7-step approach to implementations.

    1. Pre-Kickoff – Review project objectives and set expectations, timeframes, etc.

    2. Kickoff – Restate project objectives, roles and responsibilities, timeframes formal customer sign off.

    3. Planning – Data gathering occupant data, asset data, or AutoCAD / Revit drawings. Understand workflow process.

    4. Design – iOFFICE recommends design configuration based on requirements workshop, customer objectives.

    5. Build – Configure modules based on approved design recommendation. Customer reviews and validates data and workflow.

    6. Validate – iOFFICE and customer review and test final design.

    7. Training – iOFFICE will train the customer administration and operations team on final configuration.

    Additionally, as an iOFFICE Implementation Manager, it is critical that you work well in a team environment. You are able to take and give direction well and, above all, you must like and can be around dogs. We are a dog friendly workplace!


     Apply to become an Implementation Manager for iOFFICE by sending your resume to blynch@iOFFICECORP.com.