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    Featured ebook

    IoT SENSORS to make your workplace smarter

    The Internet of Things is no longer just a novelty that allows your household devices to talk to each other. It's a reality of the modern digital workplace.
    IN THIS EBOOK you’ll discover....

    which types of sensors are worth the investment, and how should they be used.

    This eBook also covers the trends in IoT sensors, how to implement them and how to make the most of the data they collect.

    Some key statistics About IoT sensors...

    more space than needed in most organizations
    of employee time is spent away from their desks
    reduction in downtime when equipment breaks down while using sensors

    4 powerful ways to use iOT Sensors in the workplace

    IoT sensors offer the most accurate, up-to-date data about how employees are using the workplace. We share four examples of how modern digital workplaces can benefit from them, including...

    • Improving space utilization to reduce real estate costs
    • Improving space utilization to enhance the employee experience
    • Reducing maintenance costs
    • Reducing energy usage by more than 20%

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