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    Facilities management involves keeping track of a lot of moving pieces. Integrated workplace management system (IWMS) software provides businesses with the resources they need to manage all of these elements in a single platform.

    Within an IWMS, different departments can monitor and modify business processes — whether it’s space management, asset management or move management. Housing all of this information in one space creates a foundation for effective communication while reducing costs and improving efficiency.

    What’s Driving the Need for IWMS Software

    As workplaces evolve, it’s important that the right technology is in place to offer support. In line with emerging workplace trends, many organizations are looking to IWMS software as a tool to add to their box. Here’s a look at some of the biggest trends driving adoption of IWMS software.

    Shift to More Flexible Workplace Strategies

    In today’s workforce, 82% of millenials look at flexibility as one of the top factors in evaluating employers. To accommodate this, many organizations have made the move to more flexible workplace strategies — an infrastructure that IWMS software helps support.

    Need for Data-Driven Decisions

    Data is an important piece of the decision-making puzzle. With IWMS software, businesses can gather and merge real-time data into a single system, making it easy for managers to find accurate information quickly.

    Desire for Greater Collaboration & Transparency

    As businesses realize the benefits of breaking down walls in the workplace, collaboration and transparency are emerging as points of focus. IWMS software delivers tools and features that improve communication across different departments and let them effectively work together to ensure long-term success.

    Key Features of IWMS Software

    • Space Management Software
    • Asset Management Software
    • Inventory Management Software
    • Mailroom Management Software
    • Move Management Software
    • Room Management Software
    • Facility Maintenance Software
    • Visitor Management Software
    • Facility Management Software
    Space Management
    Assest Management
    Inventory Management
    Mailroom Management
    Move Management
    MOVE MANAGEMENT software
    Room Management
    ROOM MANAGEMENT software
    Facility Management
    Visitor Management
    Facility Management

    This combination of elements helps you ensure efficiency across your entire organization, even as changes occur.

    Benefits of Using IWMS Software


    Rather than work harder, IWMS software enables businesses to work smarter. Automated processes help streamline operations, while accessible information saves the hassle of digging for data. Cutting down on these tedious tasks enables companies to be productive and build effective strategies for the future.

    Cost Savings

    By utilizing IWMS software, organizations have plenty of opportunities for cost savings — both direct and indirect. As noted by a Gartner analysis, businesses can reduce costs by 10-15 percent with effective space management and 5-8 percent via process improvements. Professional lease administration, meanwhile, can lead to an additional 5-8 percent in savings.


    With the diverse needs of today’s businesses, older software or manual business processes can consistently create roadblocks. That’s why it’s important to find software solutions that are straightforward to use and help employees excel in their positions. IWMS software fulfill this role by allowing staff to complete tasks from mobile devices and continuously access data that can fuel important decisions.


    Companies of various sizes have to comply with a myriad of regulations, from health and safety to lease accounting. When you have to gather this data from multiple systems and devices, it can easily turn into a time-consuming task. IWMS software solves this issue by structuring data in a standardized system -- one that simplifies compliance and reporting processes.

    Factors to Consider when Choosing IWMS Software

    There are some important factors you’ll want to consider when choosing an IWMS:

    • Make sure the right processes are in place to ensure successful implementation 
    • Identify which IWMS software provides the best value in the long term 
    • Bring up product questions and concerns as they come to mind
    • Give your team a chance to practice using the software solution
    • Invest in products that your organization is set up to handle

    Taking these steps will help ensure a smooth transition to the new IWMS and long-term success.

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