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Press Release

iOFFICE, Verdantix release research report on managing employee experience in a hybrid world

March 24, 2021
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iOFFICE, the industry leader in workplace experience and asset management software-as-a-service solutions, has today released the findings of independent research commissioned from consulting firm Verdantix on how businesses can overcome emerging employee experience challenges.

The global disruption associated with the COVID-19 pandemic has transformed both the nature of work and the role of the workplace, pushing employee experience higher up the business agenda.

Following interviews with facilities managers and workplace experts in the US, the UK, and EMEA, the research report outlines recommendations to help businesses understand these changes and optimize the employee experience to ensure future business success.

Interviewees explained that firms need to break through the historical approaches to office, using technology and data to inform their decisions.

Recommendations include the need for office space to revolve around employees and how they will use it after the pandemic; modernizing occupancy planning by tailoring experience to different employee personas; developing asynchronous working practices; and implementing new engagement programs to reinforce company culture in a hybrid model.

Verdantix’s research also identified some of the key challenges organizations face:

  • Managing a dispersed workforce
  • Maintaining social interaction and culture
  • Revising office protocols to ensure suitability and safety for employees
  • Determining company policy on the long-term approach to flexible working

Mike Petrusky, host of the Workplace Innovator podcast and director at iOFFICE, said: “We’re increasingly seeing that it’s essential for companies to implement long-term policies for flexible working that help shift performance metrics from presence to outcomes.

“FMs are leading the charge to create workspaces that support social interaction while encouraging siloed teams to come together to foster company culture, and the right technology is key to achieving this.”

The new research reveals that workplace experts see effective use of occupancy and space booking tools as the best solution for managing hybrid work environments.

Verdantix Smart Buildings Practice Industry Analyst Dayann Charles Jeyamohan said: “The consensus amongst the sector leaders is built on a strong appreciation for the benefits that the right technology can offer in terms of improving the employee experience. From identifying behavior patterns to better catering to employee and space needs, business leaders must be able to forecast and predict demand as well as implement changes rapidly.”

Commissioned by iOFFICE, Verdantix conducted telephone interviews with facilities managers and other thought leaders in workplace management. Contributors included representatives from Herman Miller, Red Hat, THELIAS, AZ Maria Middelares, CBRE, and Ultimate Kronos Group, among others.

For further details, download the research report or watch the recorded webinar for key findings presented by iOFFICE and Verdantix.