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    Episode 50

    Employee Experience is More than a Buzzword! FM & CRE Leaders Agree on the Greatest Driver of Workplace ROI with Mike Petrusky

    As we celebrate 50 episodes of “The Workplace Innovator Podcast”, one theme has risen above all others during our conversations with dozens of corporate real estate and facility management leaders. Mike Petrusky reflects on key moments from the show and shares his excitement about the opportunity for workplace leaders to have a significant impact on employee experience and thereby deliver a measurable ROI for their organizations. Featuring awesome insights from industry thought-leaders Adam Stoltz, Chris Kelly, Lorri Rowlandson, John Parsons, Razia Ferdousi-Meyer, Jacob Morgan, Peter Ankerstjerne, Kate North, Kay Sargent, Steve Todd, Dusty Duistermars, and Melissa Marsh!

    Elevating the Employee Experience

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    Mike Petrusky
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