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    Episode 53

    Facility Management Strategies Impacting the People in the Workplace with Chris Walinski, CEA of Munich Reinsurance America

    Christopher Walinski, CEA is Building Operations Manager at Munich Reinsurance America in Princeton, NJ, where he leads the team that oversees construction, maintenance, and sustainability. Mike Petrusky spoke with Chris live from "Podcast Central" in the Expo Hall at NFMT 2019 in Baltimore where they both had recently delivered educational sessions for the facility management community. Chris shares research about the science behind workspace design strategies and he believes that FMs have the opportunity and responsibility to make people comfortable and productive. When considering the complete lifecycle of a building, Chris says that 90% of costs are related to the people occupying the facility and therefore FMs must have a holistic view of the workplace and implement strategies that improve the value of every person working in the built environment. Since both Chris and Mike have roots in the great state of New Jersey, it’s not surprising that their discussion would lead to an episode of “Bruce Springsteen Podcast Karaoke”!


    Connect with Chris on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/chriswalinski/

    Learn more about Munich Reinsurance America: https://www.munichre.com/us/property-casualty/home/index.html

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