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    Episode 57

    Flexible Design Considerations & Workplace Strategies for Law Firms with Joseph Geierman of Troutman Sanders

    Joseph Geierman is Director of Real Estate and Facilities at Troutman Sanders where he uses real estate as a tool to shape culture and productivity in the workplace. Mike Petrusky asks Joseph about the unique design considerations and strategies his team has implemented when planning the firm's regional office build outs including their newly designed 230,000 square foot corporate headquarters office in Atlanta. Joseph discusses legal industry trends, workplace technology, and the challenge of competing for talent. As the legal profession continues to evolve, Joseph has continued to leverage his connections at IFMA and the Workplace Evolutionaries community to keep pace in a position that has changed dramatically over the past decade. Mike and Joseph also discover they have a shared interest in 80's new wave music leading to the first fully synth edition of "podcast karaoke"!


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