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    Episode 27

    Workplace Strategies that Elevate the Employee Experience with Steve Todd of Nasdaq

    Steve Todd is Head of Workplace Strategy at Nasdaq in New York City where he leads a team focused on providing productive workspaces that elevate the employee experience. Mike Petrusky asks Steve about approaching workplace experience strategy by first understanding what people at each location need and then developing a plan to help create productive environments for specific business outcomes. As Nasdaq works towards a consolidation of their five current NY locations into one HQ at Times Square, Steve must look to the vision of leadership to understand how to build in flexibility around space and technologies that will provide the services needed in the future. Mike and Steve agree about the importance of finding collaboration opportunities through a trusted network of colleagues and like-minded professionals to meet the needs of the workplace. To that end, Steve founded the “Open Sourced Workplace” to deliver curated content that offers data points and information that is tailored to the specific needs of workplace leaders in today’s marketplace. Mike brings up movies and music (of course) and Steve shares a story about meeting U2 in Ireland!

    Connect with Steve on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/stevetoddexec/

    Learn more about “Open Sourced Workplace”: http://www.opensourcedworkplace.com/

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