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  • The workforce is getting even more competitive. With the flood of Millennial talent filling the talent pool each year, it can be a challenge to stand out from the sea of candidates. Whether you're a seasoned FM, or just trying to get your toes wet in the facilities management sector, having a strong resume will always be in your favor. 

    Creating a competitive resume is easier said than done. You have an average of 3 seconds to grab a recruiter's attention before your slip of paper ends up in the reject bin. We've gathered our top tips to help ensure your application stays in the right pile. 

    Infographic: Creating the Perfect FM Resume

    A resume that sparks interest in the reader and allows your personality and accomplishments to shine is rare, one that takes time and detailed editing to achieve. However, the time put forth is absolutely worth the investment. While a resume won't secure your dream FM job, it will get you an interview.

    Already at that step? Take a look at our blog post, 10 Interview Questions Every Facilities Manager Should Ask & Answer to wrap up your job search with the ultimate reward, a job offer. 

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