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  • For those who maintain facilities for large companies, it can be tricky to make sure workers are constantly engaged and productive. A great deal of this burden falls on facilities managers, as an employee's ability to get work done is often dependent on the facilities around them - offices, desks, meeting rooms and the like.

    Time management is a complicated endeavor. iOFFICE has found that 82 percent of Americans go to the office five days a week - Tuesday is their most productive day on average, as they're settling into a groove, and Friday is the least productive, as they're already looking ahead to the weekend. Hours vary depending on the employee, but typically, workers tend to work longer than the stereotypical "9 to 5" day. The average time spent in an office is not eight hours, but rather 8.8.

    When on their computers, employees strive to juggle their many responsibilities and stay productive. On a positive note, workers are able to keep their email inboxes under control in just 1.2 hours per day, but on the flip side, 64 percent of them admit to visiting non-work-related websites throughout their days.


    Supplies are also a chief concern. According to iOFFICE's research, a single worker uses 10,000 sheets of paper per year. That's an astounding number, and it points to a clear need for facilities management solutions to help offices manage all those documents. iOFFICE has found that companies typically spend 500 hours per year managing all those papers - that's 3.3 weeks of time.

    Another problem with office supplies is the risk of theft - 82 percent of employees admit they have stolen pens and pencils from their offices, and 9 percent say they've taken printer ink as well.

    In addition to managing all the facilities and supplies in their offices, another expensive area companies must address is human resources. Especially in professions where high turnover is a problem, it can be costly to always lose old employees and bring in new ones. It's estimated that hiring a new employee can cost between $5,700 and $8,900. Think about it - between posting job listings, recruiting top candidates, running background checks and conducting interviews, the costs can certainly add up. Then once hires are completed, the expense doesn't end there - training can cost between $1,000 and $1,500.

    Workplace productivity can be difficult to ensure, not to mention expensive. Facilities managers must do their part to help their offices succeed.

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