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  • Since real estate represents the largest percentage of a company’s budget, managing physical space is critical to the health of any organization. Most companies leave 45% of their space vacant, suggesting both money and productivity are wasted, directly impacting the bottom line. Managers are now realizing the need for office restructuring, which involves moving their workers and physical assets, for maximized efficiency.

    This process, however, involves a multitude of people, from IT and HR Administrators, to outside vendors and the Facilities Management team. To successfully facilitate a project of this magnitude, all involved parties must maintain constant communication. Traditionally, communication has come in the form of emails, phone calls, and spreadsheets. FM teams have realized these antiquated methods leave more room for error and increased redundancy company wide. And, when changes needed to be made, the process had to start all over again, making the process both repetitive and difficult to update with ease.

    Move Management software enables adjustments to be made in real-time, with most updates fully automated. This not only keeps all parties in the loop, it saves valuable time. And, because the actual move process is streamlined, your employees will experience less downtime and interruptions in their workflow.

    Paper vs. Software to Move your Workforce

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